[Ideation SCP169 v2] Tokenomics Workstream Renewal (02.01.24-07.31.24)

Tokenomics Workstream Renewal (02.01.24-07.31.24)


This proposal seeks community approval for the renewal of the Tokenomics workstream and its lead for the period of 6 months (retroactive to 02.01.24 and ending 07.31.24). This proposal includes the renewal of FOX compensation for the role of Tokenomics Workstream Leader, to ProfMcCarthy, with a compensation of $14,000 (entirely in FOX) per month of (3-month) locked FOX compensation. The Tokenomics Workstream Leader will oversee the management and revitalization of the ShapeShift DAO tokenomics and create dashboards and publish updates regarding the ShapeShift DAO to forums and Medium.


Over the last three months, I have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the tokenomics needs of the DAO. In addition to basic reporting, FOX holdings on different chains, grant and fee revenue, LP decisions, it is clear to me now that analyzing and providing insights to the TMDC and workstream leaders is crucial for them to function.

The DAO has made significant progress in the last three months in terms of its sustainability. This is the result of both the implementation of fees and the TWAPs. Fee parameter management continues to be a core focus of this role, however, identification and analysis of relevant KPIs must precede any TMDC fee parameter changes. After years of resistance, the DAO finally embraced TWAPs, which has allowed for the repayment of our Arbor loans with no impact on runway.

Alongside PTT and FBL, significant progress has been made on dashboard reporting. Some key features include identifying the number of transactions, average swap size, top pairs, and total fees received by the DAO. Dashboards are being developed in the following order of priority: fees and grant revenue accounting, treasury holdings, TMDC holdings, TMDC actions, liquidity analysis, and governance activity. In addition to these dashboards, I have been reporting twice weekly to the TMDC regarding our stablecoins, revenues, outstanding debt obligations, liquidity across chains, rebalancing efforts, and stablecoin generation activities.

Aside from highlighting some of the things that have been going well, I want to also acknowledge a few remaining opportunities. In the interest of transparency, I have listed the tasks I had previously proposed below and provided updates on where I stand with them. Having three months under my belt, I am clearer on the vision and goals. With revised timelines and tapping into the resources available to me, I am confident in my ability to complete these tasks in a way that provides the greatest value to the DAO and contributors.


The motivation behind this proposal is to formalize the continuation of the Tokenomics Workstream under the leadership of ProfMcCarthy. ProfMcCarthy is an Associate Professor of Economics at a state college in the US with a PhD in Economics from Colorado State University. They have experience in managing the DAO’s treasury, as they have been on the TMDC since its inception in October 2021. This transition is imperative to address the evolving dynamics of our ecosystem and align our tokenomics with the community’s interests.


The Tokenomics Workstream Leader, ProfMcCarthy, task progress update:

Success In Progress Unnecessary/Sunset
Produce at least two comprehensive risk management reports each month to support TMDC decisions Submit monthly expenditure reports Status: I reported on monthly expenditures 2-3x per month during Tokenomics office hours and during TMDC calls. Perform monthly sentiment analysis and publish reports Rationale: I do not think it is useful to the DAO at this stage since it focuses on price action and tries to tie it to what people are talking about online. No decisions we are making rely on that information.
Create revenue report and pull loan from foundation Conduct market opportunity research and publish reports on yield trends within SS, new tokens/chains, existing tokens/chains with changes Status: Working with marketing and product to get medium.com articles
Develop a strategy and pay off two Arbor loans amounting to $232K Preparing professional external-facing reports (similar to that of Gnosis Karpatkey Treasury reports and BadgerDAO’s “State of the DAO” reports) Status: Working on more thorough data collection and analysis automation.
Create a formal agenda for each TMDC meeting Ensuring that the DAO’s information is available and accurate in leading financial and crypto information spaces (such as www.tokenterminal.com) Status: Have contacted multiple information spaces since December and am currently waitlisted with some of them
Create powerpoint presentations and facilitated tokenomics office hours updates Perform an initial assessment of the tokenomics structure Status: I have completed an assessment and have figured out where I want to go. Still working out how to gradually integrate a new tokenomics structure in a way that does not violate DAO governance and also balances the sustainability and greater financial control by contributors
Collaborate with partners and participate in partner evaluation and onboarding Engage in community forums nearly daily with measured impact by tracking engagement metrics monthly Status: Unrealistic cadence and workload. Proposing a weekly forum post that reports on TMDC meetings. Include periodic surveys to gather feedback
Refresh runway modeling to better visualize various strategies and their impact on runway Working closely with marketing to issue reports
Update/refresh TMDC mandate Get FOX listed more places Binance OkeX
Steward decisions regarding loans and/or bonds alongside the TMDC Report on stablecoin holdings weekly during all TMDC calls and office hours
Listen To governance and ops sprint meetings weekly
Work alongside other workstream leaders and the TMDC to draft and revise fee model parameters
Complete post-mortem reports and rectification strategies on an ad-hoc basis (We did not need to do this too often. Only instance so far has been the Arbor loans)
Recruit new members to the DAO (continuous)
Strengthening the protections for FOX holders
Expanding coverage of revenue streams
DAO-to-DAO liaising (continuous)
Perform monthly sentiment analysis and publish reports Rationale: I do not think it is useful to the DAO at this stage since it focuses on price action and tries to tie it to what people are talking about online. No decisions we are making rely on that information.
In addition to retaining the above stats and shifting timeline on those that aren’t accomplished/recurring, the Tokenomics workstream leader plans on taking on the following responsibilities/goals:

In addition to retaining the above stats and shifting timeline on those that aren’t accomplished/recurring, the Tokenomics workstream leader plans on taking on the following responsibilities/goals:

  • Ownership and development of 4 dashboards
    • Revenue across chains
    • Treasury holdings
    • TMDC holdings/actions
    • Runway
  • Weekly reporting to the forum
    • Same information that’s discussed at the top of every TMDC meeting
  • Sourcing new speakers/partnerships/topics for Tokenomics office hours calls and TMDC calls
  • Providing ad-hoc analysis for community members and leadership, to best support decision-making and assessment of DAO effectiveness.
  • Source grants
  • Get FOX listed more places

Additionally, the Tokenomics Workstream Leader will play a crucial role in assessing the impact of the expanded fee model on our tokenomics, fine-tuning the fee model parameters, gathering feedback, providing data-driven insights, ensuring integration with governance, and staying up-to-date with market trends and competitor fee models. Additionally, alongside TMDC, the workstream will focus on stewarding the FOX foundation loan and keep a keen eye on the DAO’s token revenues, stable revenues, and outstanding liabilities with rigor and transparency.

ProfMcCarthy holds office hours, presents at Tokenomics meetings, recruits new members to the DAO and the Tokenomics workstream and the TMDC, and makes themselves available async within hours should any community member have need of them, day or night, seven days a week. ProfMcCarthy monitors FOX price, liquidity, rewards programs, and the DAO’s LP positions.

ProfMcCarthy would keep his role on the TMDC but forgo compensation previously allocated to him for the TMDC role.


  • Leadership Continuity: Endorsing this proposal ensures uninterrupted leadership within the Tokenomics Workstream, enabling ProfMcCarthy to execute the evolved fee model, revenue forecasts, and meticulous management of the TMDC assets over the next 6 months. This continuity is crucial for maintaining the momentum gained in the previous term and for the seamless implementation of strategies devised for the DAO’s financial sustainability.
  • Expert Oversight: ProfMcCarthy’s expertise in economics and previous contributions to the DAO provide a strong foundation for strategic decision-making and the ongoing revitalization of the DAO’s tokenomics. Their role is vital in navigating the complexities of tokenomics and ensuring that our strategies are data-driven and aligned with the latest market trends.
  • Enhanced Community Engagement: ProfMcCarthy’s commitment to fostering community dialogue and incorporating feedback into tokenomics strategies enhances our alignment with community interests. This approach ensures that the DAO remains responsive to the needs of its members and adapts effectively to the evolving blockchain ecosystem.
  • Support for Dynamic Fee Structures: The renewal of ProfMcCarthy’s leadership will bolster the development and refinement of dynamic parametric fee structures. Their analytical skills and market insights are indispensable in optimizing these structures for maximum effectiveness and sustainability.


  • Resource Allocation: Allocating FOX tokens for ProfMcCarthy’s compensation involves dedicating resources that could be utilized elsewhere. However, this investment is anticipated to yield substantial returns through proficient management and strategic enhancements to the DAO’s tokenomics.
  • Inherent Risks of Tokenomics: The field of tokenomics, being relatively nascent, carries inherent uncertainties. Despite rigorous analysis and risk mitigation strategies, there is always a possibility of unforeseen outcomes. However, ProfMcCarthy’s expertise and the adaptive approach of the Tokenomics Workstream aim to minimize these risks.


  • For: A vote in favor signifies support for the continuation of the Tokenomics Workstream under ProfMcCarthy’s leadership, with compensation set at $14,000 per month in FOX tokens over a 6-month period. This renewal is vital for the ongoing management and strategic development of the DAO’s tokenomics, ensuring its long-term sustainability and alignment with community interests.
  • Against: A vote against indicates opposition to the proposed renewal, leadership continuation, and compensation structure.

Please cast your vote as “For” or “Against” to express your stance on this proposal.

[Vote Here: For / Against / For with changes]


I think you have been doing a fine job heading up the tokenomics workstream @profMcC_shapeshiftde, thank you for all the efforts so far!

I don’t see any concerns or questions about this proposal at this time as currently written and it has my support to move forward!

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Thanks @jonisjon . You are too kind. I have big shoes to fill, and grateful for all the time working with @seven7hwave ! Bridging between OG shapeshifters and some of the new guard (shout out to @0xFBL for all the help, great teamwork, and encouragement and @PTT for all your analytical chops and SQL learnings, and willingness to dive so deep into the query world. We’ll get to visualization-land soon!


Got some interesting results from the snapshot, which indicates a non-trivial number of voters are voting “Yes, with changes”. In the spirit of proposing what those changes may be, let me propose these as the goals/KPIs that the Tokenomics Workstream should be held by in the upcoming 6 months:

Proposed Goals and KPIs for the Tokenomics Workstream

In response to community feedback and to further align our efforts with the DAO’s strategic objectives, the following goals and KPIs are proposed for the Tokenomics Workstream under my leadership:

  1. Maintain a Minimum of Three Months of Stablecoin Runway in Treasury: To ensure the DAO’s operational resilience, we aim to maintain at least a three-month runway in stablecoin reserves within our treasury at all times. This will provide a buffer against market volatility and ensure continuity in DAO operations.
  2. Dynamic Fee Management for Enhanced Revenue: A key focus will be on actively managing and adjusting fee structures to ensure that new volumes and features introduced to the DAO lead to increased revenue. This goal emphasizes the importance of adapting to market changes and user engagement to sustain and grow the DAO’s financial health.
  3. Revenue Optimization Across All Streams: Collaborating closely with the TMDC and other relevant workstreams, we’ll seek to identify, analyze, and implement strategies to optimize the DAO’s revenue streams. This involves not just maintaining but enhancing existing revenue models and exploring new opportunities in alignment with the DAO’s financial goals and community values.
  4. Transparent Reporting and Goal Tracking: To foster trust and ensure accountability, regular updates will be provided on our progress towards these goals. This includes detailed insights into treasury management, fee adjustments, revenue optimization efforts, and any strategic decisions made by the workstream. These updates will be shared through forums, Medium posts, and during community meetings.

These proposed goals and KPIs are designed to address the feedback received and underscore our commitment to the financial sustainability and strategic growth of the DAO.

I hope there’s more feedback so I can refine and finalize these objectives. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, or concerns regarding these proposed goals and KPIs.

Tho more on the TMDC that tokenomics only tho. maybe redundant?

Yeah, maybe providing relevant information that the TMDC requests within a timely manner (by the subsequent subsequent meeting at the latest) I’ll try for the next meeting, and then have the 2nd meeting after that as the kpi/goal

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