SCP 145 [Portfolio of bets-Product Roadmap Q3]

SCP 145 [Portfolio of bets-Product Roadmap Q3] :

Summary/Abstract - This ideation proposal is the last chance to change up the framework, sizing, and feature lists on the portfolio of bets for the rest of the quarter.


If the product goals set up mental models, frameworks for collaboration, and an overarching portfolio of bets, this proposal explains the details of bets with timelines of now, next, and later

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    For simplicity’s sake, framing initiatives or features as one of three things:


  2. Rocks are big and heavy, they form the basis of our portfolio and will get the priority focus for product and engineering until we have them placed.
  3. Pebbles
  4. Pebbles are easier to manage but still slippery. Getting them right right requires a few loops. However! the rigor with better long form and mini specs we introduced in the past two months is encouraging. By speccing, spiking, and exploring within the discovery and definition phases, it will be easier placing the pebbles and sand around the rocks.
  5. Sand
  6. Sand are all the little tasks that don’t quite fit in a mini spec but are just quality of life, polish, and simple additions that make experiences better for users and developers.

Now we have a formula: {the specs give the what and why[ name & business case]} + {the size of the work [rock/pebble/sand],} + {the when [now next later]} + {statuses [draft, discovery, definition, hand off/execution]} = Shipping.


  • Marching towards our north stars means planning our roadmap around those three types of work and tagging them as now, next, and later. Adjusting in real time will happen every Monday, as usual.

    Get the API to market and get customers paying (25 best case | 3-5 base | 0 failure)

  • Weekly active transactions goes to 300
  • Monetizeable Volume goes above 500K
  • Trading volume gets to 750k.
  • Cumulatively transactions goes up ( 70k best 30k base 25k failure)

Critical note: A roadmap should be considered a ‘point in time’ artifact instead of a contract for the quarter. Things will and do change. This will be updated with living retros as touchpoints along the way. The product workstream lead will aim for biweekly, around office hours.

Specification — Portfolio of bets

We have bandwidth for around one big rocks running in parallel with a few pebbles, per month. We don’t want to fracture our efforts on shiny sand that take up bandwidth without results. We’ve color coded the green [in progress/complete], orange [still speccing], red [no consensus] features inside the roadmap sheet note that 4 are in progress/complete and 10 are speccing already. Last set of goals was 25 features before I lost count and it goes deep into the coordination sheet for more :grimacing:.

Let’s try just 20 things, with most already rolling and see how we improve at allocating human capital towards our bets.

API bets

  • Get API into market & iterate

  • Get API docs good
  • Iterate APi with customers
  • Infrastruucture Optimization
  • Dogfood API into /web

Interface bets

  • Portals (swaps)

  • Portals (defi)
  • Kill splash screen
  • FOX Rewards Spec then Pilot
  • CANNY Feature with hella upvotes
  • Missions
  • WC v2
  • Thorchain
  • Cosmos & Osmosis re-evaluation
  • Monetize Defi
  • Donations
  • stETH

Obligations bets

  • Arkeo POC

  • MM Snaps
  • Frontend and node maintenance

here is the notion doc for where one can see work in progress & completed if so inclined.

Benefits -

  • Ships the portfolio
  • Aligns workstreams
  • Allows us to iterate and learn how to improve process and bandwith

Drawbacks -

  • Does not tie into revenue well enough (tell us what to change!)
  • Is a living document
  • Not all of these will finish by end of September

Vote -

For - Formalizes the community is “for” the details outlined in this proposal including the high level POB framework and the items herein. Also acknowledges the flexible nature of dynamic market conditions, that this is not a binding contract, the quarter is already started, and the need for alignment above all

For with changes – Acknowledges the roadmap and points out constructive solutions with concrete suggestions. Chatgpt subposting will be ignored.

Against - Formalizes the community is “against” the proposal because it hates goals and progress.


As a regular sand supplier :sweat_smile:, I can get behind this plan.

I just want to know, is it an issue if I continue to do small features, QoL, and other minor Pull Requests when I think they are useful to our users though?

I don’t intend them as a way to push us away from this roadmap and I do want to be mindful of the bandwidth of other Workstreams. My idea was always that these are suggestions, up for review (and refusal if they are a distraction)… they also can be put on the back-burner when they are good but Code Owners do not have the necessary bandwidth to review them because they are focused on rocks and pebbles.

ugh my replies got junked three times. my bad. Yes @Fireb0mb1 we have a good sand process for your PR’s. At worst we chuck it back to “discovery” status and spend some time fleshing it out. We’ll need better tracking. Soon ™️