[SCP-24] Official Ideation Thread - Engineering Budget Proposal

This proposal is to pay salaries for 12-14 engineers to fulfill the duties of the Engineering Workstream as detailed in the approved proposal which created the workstream: Boardroom Management Portal

  • Initial proposed team consists of:

    10 engineers

  • Monthly pay is $13k - $15k
  • 3 engineering leaders
  • Workstream Leader, Technical / Architecture Leader, Group / Team Leader
  • Monthly Pay is $15.5k - $17.5k


  • The initial proposed team consists of all current ShapeShift, Inc employees. Although not every one has a title of “Senior” or higher, each one of us has multiple years (or decades) of professional development experience and is a high-performing engineer, as measured by their peers, both inside and outside the company.

    Following precedence from other workstreams, salary includes $30k per year per stream worker for benefits and additional fees incurred with self-employment status. The budget increases in January are due to the fact that some of the core dev members will be paid salaries by ShapeShift, Inc until Dec 31 and become included in this budget beginning Jan 1.

    At this time, the Engineering Workstream will not be managing the accounts or charges for any infrastructure and tooling, thus the budget being presented is primarily for salary. Contingency is included to cover unknown costs. Any amount remaining at the end of the budget cycle that is not spent will be sent back to the DAO treasury no later than March 15th.

    If the contingency is not needed for other purposes, it is the hope that funds will be used for a workstream “onsite” meeting, where everyone is gathered in the same physical space for a few days of work and fun.

    Salaries are designated in $USD, to be paid in FOX on the 1st and 15th of every month. Engineering Workstream Leader will work with the DAO treasury to get funds on a regular basis to cover payroll in a timely manner. Because the budget is denominated in $USD and FOX is a volatile asset, any decreases in the price of FOX will warrant additional transfers of FOX from the DAO to the Engineering Workstream to ensure the workstream has enough FOX to cover its budget.

    For transparency, report of budgeted vs actual will be provided after 2 months, and at end of this cycle.


    A “For” vote signifies support of this budget moving to official voting on Boadroom/Snapshot

  • An “Against” vote signifies that you do not support this budget moving to official voting.