[SCP-59] - Proposal to fund the Operations Workstream for a second term

  1. Summary

This proposal is for a continuation of budget funding for a 6 month second term (February 1-July 31st, 2022) to the current Operations workstream that was established with the passing of [SCP-8]

  1. Abstract

  2. The Operations workstream is an integral part of the growth and development of healthy systems for reliably producing and maintaining the ShapeShift product suite and its uptime, responsiveness and feature functionality. The workstream additionally provides similar support and structure to the DAO and its ecosystem and networks.

    Through Production Issue Procedure Best Practices, Triage Management, Deployment and Regression Testing, and DAO Admin Procedures and Practices, the ShapeShift DAO Operations Workstream provides essential resources and tools for efficiency, organization, and overall product and services health that are vital to the success of the DAO, the product suite, it’s contributors, and $FOX token utility.


  3. The Operations workstream works side by side with other workstreams to increase efficiency and help progress deployment and testing processes while still verifying and maintaining reliability, health, and full functionality of all provided services.

    This allows the Engineering workstream to spend more time building and deploying, the Product workstream to spend more time scoping, designing, and implementing, the C-Mods more C-Mod time, etc… Funding this workstream empowers Operations to continue to scale the team, complete the above stated goals through the developed procedures and processes, and organize and provide updates, resources, communication, coordination, documentation and any other need that may arise from other workstreams, the DAO Community, and its processes.

    The Operations workstream is the only workstream focused on the wider picture of the product suite’s uptime, functionality, and overall health. It additionally mirrors that responsibility in the DAO Discord and Notion by synergizing and coordinating cross stream collaboration further strengthening the DAO.


The Operations workstream Notion repo can be found here.

The renewal for this workstream and contributors is 6 months from February 1st to July 31st. This proposal continues | ShapeShift as the workstream leader and @Lych @Ron/PTT and as Operations Assistants with the additional budget to hire 4 additional assistants in 2 waves during the term.

Budget: Total potential max budget $411,000 (6 months)


The changes to the budget from the previous term is the addition of another potential assistant, an increase in the allotted monthly test fund budget

  1. to meet the growing needs of test requirements and network fees, the addition of a $2K/month bounty fund, and an increase in the discretionary funds to $1k/month for a larger team. As with the previous budget, all unused funds will be returned to the DAO treasury (Root) at the end of the term.

    Specific Goals and Success Metrics

The goals and success metrics for the Operations Workstream are broken into two sections in this term, current measurables, and focuses for future KPIs next term.

Current Measurables:

Production Issue Best Practices

  • Goals:

    To minimize downtime of the entire product suite.

  • To resolve production environment bugs efficiently with minimal disruption to engineering processes, deployment cadences, or user experience.
  • KPIs:

    99% uptime of the product suite and services (99.969% last term)

  • <10 Production Issue Escalations per Quarter (8 Escalations in Q4 2021)
  • <50 Total Combined DAO Contributor hours dedicated to Production Issue Resolutions (Q4 2021 - 20 hours)

Triage Management

  • Goals:

    To discover, isolate, navigate, and manage resolutions of user facing issues in all ShapeShift products and services.

  • To provide known troubleshooting and mitigation steps for issue reporters and users during the discovery and recreation of triage tickets.
  • To mitigate and expedite time required from core contributors spent on bug tickets, issue reports, and production level emergencies.
  • To transfer correctly completed and accurate Github tickets of triage bugs to Engineering or Product to be posted for bounty.
  • KPIs:

    Greater than 80% resolution rate goal (86.55% resolution rate last term)

Deployment and Regression Testing

  • Goals:

    To catch 95% of prod issues during deployment testing process.

  • To catch user facing issues in production environments in regression tests and #triage them accordingly.

A deployment test completed twice by the Operations Workstream during each release process

  • :
  • A full regression test performed once a day by an Operations Workstream contributor.
  • Operations prioritizes blocking bugs, supporting engineers, and efficiency in the processes already in place over chasing non-blocking bugs for a ‘perfected’ release.
  • KPIs:

    <2 Cadences missed per quarter due to bugs overlooked in Ops Testing (1 cadence missed last term)

  • <2 Rollbacks during releases per quarter due to bugs overlooked in Ops Testing (2 Rollbacks occurred last term)

DAO Admin Procedures and Practices

  • Goals:

    To organize successful DAO meetings related to Goat/No Goat, Retros, and Ops Sprints.

  • To track, organize, record keep, and optimize DAO repos keeping them current and relevant.
  • To provide assistance in projects that require support in generating procedures to be completed for the DAO or other workstreams.
  • Next Term Success Metrics:

    Now that the workstream has been established and developed a bit, future focuses of KPIs for the second term include:

    KPIs for DAO Admin procedure practices

  • KPIs around regression testing template times, and completion rate
  • KPIs around lowering test fund costs compared to network fees
  • KPIs about bugs turned into successful bounties by Operations Contributors
  • Additional focus and detail added to current KPIs based on the numbers and data collected
  • Benefits
  • If this proposal passes, the DAO will continue to fund the Operations workstream budget to meet the deliverables and services outlined which are integral to the DAO’s success and current practices. Coverage for Prod Issue escalations Triage Management Regularly scheduled regression and deployment testing Cross workstream alignment and stakeholder resources would all be focuses maintained and improved upon by the workstream.

    Passing this proposal will continue uninterrupted support and services offered from the Operations workstream to the DAO.


  • Funding this workstream does cost money and the budget does have a slight increase from last month in regards to team size and test fund allocations. This workstream would cost the DAO treasury potentially $411,000 over 6 months (~$68,500/month) if all funds are needed and exhausted in the budget.


    For: You support funding the Operations Workstream’s anticipated budget for 6 months totaling $411,000

    Against: You do not support continuing to fund the Operations Workstream.

Excited for this to move to a formal snapshot vote and appreciate the ops workstream setting such a good example for other workstreams with the specific goals and kpis.

The proposal is now live on Snapshot/Boardroom: Snapshot

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