SCP 74 - Fund the Customer Support Workstream

Mission: Delight and educate customers as they navigate and experience The ShapeShift DAO while gathering their feedback on their experience.

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Changes from previous funding round (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS SECTION

  1. ):

    This funding round is requesting an additional 2 months to the 6 month proposal due to Workstream Leader - cryptohmeg’s maternity leave that falls right at the time a new proposal would be due. To prevent interruptions in the team’s work and payroll, we’d like to request a one-time addition of 2 months to our proposal. Starting in 2023, our proposals will be 6 months at a time.

  2. Total funding request is approx 7000 USD less per month than the initial proposal. This is due to cutting back on support staff, our Data Reporting Manager role dissolving into 4 different roles, and reducing the Workstream Leader’s salary, benefits and scope.
  3. Workstream Leader’s role and salary have changed significantly. Responsibilities have been reduced to payroll, proposals, and leadership management. Other ancillary responsibilities have been passed to leadership team members (laid out in revised job descriptions below). Salary has been reduced by roughly 50%.
  4. After SSMarc’s recent resignation, we have decided to divy up his workload among the remaining leadership team members. A salary adjustment has been made to match responsibility changes. This means we will be tentatively removing an entire position and trying out delegating the task list among the team. I have set aside an extra $200/month in the budget to compensate agents on any special projects they might be tasked with because of this change.

Performance highlights from our first proposal:

  • Trust Pilot score increased from 3.7 > 4.0 stars!

  • Total Resolution Time was reduced by 80%!
  • New Product and Tokenomic communication lines were opened and organized!
  • New DeFi training workbook was dreamed up and is now 75% complete!
  • 13 new helpdesk articles have been published!


  • Create and maintain a self-service helpdesk using Zendesk.

  • Provide a streamlined ticketing system that operates 7 days a week (via Zendesk and Discord)
  • Sustain a 48 hour first response time for all user inquiries.
  • Increase total number of mobile app and Trust Pilot reviews.
  • Host community trainings on customer support.
  • Consistent data reporting on customer support interactions, satisfaction, feedback, and bug reports.

Success Metrics:

  • Monthly Quality Assurance score 95%+

  • Monthly Customer Satisfaction Score 95%+
  • Helpdesk Content audited and updated monthly.
  • Monthly Customer Support Workstream calls are held to review product changes, support protocol changes, and quality assurance awards.
  • 5+ app or Trust Pilot reviews each month.

Budget: DAO Support Budget Worksheet

  • Payouts will happen on schedule with DAO workstreams

  • Unused Chua Award payments will roll to the next funding round for the workstream

What are Chua Awards? Myleene Chua was an agent with the ShapeShift Customer Support team for 2.5 years. She passed Sept 17, 2021. We wanted to remember her as she was a longstanding member of the team. She was sweet, kind, and loyal to her role. Now our monthly performance awards will be named after her. <3


  • Workstream Leader (parttime) - 1 @cryptohmeg


The goal of this position is to “keep the lights on”, ie: pay vendors, proposal management, leadership team communication, and high-level general needs. My original WS Leader proposal talks of moving my position from full to parttime and I’m thrilled to announce we are making this move in the workstream to improve efficiency and cost savings, while accommodating my new family life changes:


  • Helpdesk Manager - JD - Google Docs
  • The helpdesk manager creates and oversees the creation, editing, and auditing process of our helpdesk content.
  • The Helpdesk Manager will also manage all US-timezone product meetings that require support representation (ie: No/No Go’s, Governance Calls, etc)

This role is also on the “leadership team” of Customer Support.

Support Staff Managers - 2 @ss-jules & @donnaJD:

  • Customer Support Team Manager - JD - Google Docs
  • Managers’ main role is to ensure quality support and training are provided to all support agents.
  • This proposal period one of the main special focuses of this duo will be cross-team communication. Both have built the foundations between Tokenomics and Product. This period we will continue to streamline product releases through this communication line.

This role is also on the “leadership team” of Customer Support.

Support Agents - 6 @carminaSS @ace.SS @miguelJD:

  • Customer Support Agent - JD - Google Docs
  • We have reduced our agent headcount from 7 > 5 to reflect our support needs at this time. I have added in the budget an additional headcount in the event we need to hire a new agent in the coming months.

Quality Assurance:

Each month all agent’s work will be evaluated by their manager to determine their QA score. The process includes reviewing up to 10 tickets each month from each agent and scoring them based on our custom built QA system below.


All positions except for the Helpdesk Manager and workstream leader will continue to be contracted through Liberty Virtual Assistants.

The main vendor cost is for Zendesk. ShapeShift, Inc is grandfathered into a legacy Enterprise Plan with Zendesk which means we have access to the Zendesk Suite for only $125/pp billed monthly.

Total Funding for 8 months:

Total funding needed broken down by month of proposal:

Below please vote if you support our proposal above:

Hi ShapeShift DAO, my name is FoxRain. I’m one of the support agents and looking forward to being with ShapeShift DAO’s evolution and continue assisting the DAO community. Cheers!

GM Foxes! I’m ss-CJ a support agent for the Customer Support Workstream! We’re looking forward to delivering the best customer support in the Crypto world! StayFoxy! 1f603 :fox_face:

Hey all! I’m excited for the opportunity to continue building out our Help Desk and adding content to help all of our users in this world of DeFi.

Meg has done an excellent job as the workstream leader for the last 4 months and I look forward to working with her and the team some more.

Hey guys, Julius here. As a customer support manager, I’m really looking forward to another rockstar performance that my team will provide to all of our beloved users in this next proposal. Thank you Megan for your non-stop support to our team!

Hey all. This is Carmina, one of the support agents. I’m looking forward to working again with the team and providing support to our users. Cheers! :fox_face:

Hello ShapeShift DAO Community, I’m Ace.SS of Customer Support Workstream. We’d love to provide you with the best customer service! We all look forward to seeing you in the crypto world! 1f600 2b50

Donna here! I am excited for another round of this workstream and support new services and integrations planned in the near future. As a Customer Support Manager, I hope to be able to lead, guide, and help my team become more effective and efficient in their role. Cheers!

Great proposal - I feel very confident in the workstream being able to deliver with this proposal. Thank you and team!

Hey guys it’s Miguel from Customer Support Workstream! I and the team are looking forward to working again for the Shapeshift DAO Community and providing support for our users. Cheers!