Sponsor ETHDenver

  • Proposal: Sponsor ETHDenver and Supporting Events

    Summary: Sponsor ETHDenver. This would include the sponsorship, the hosting of two afterparty events, and fund scholarships for ShapeShift DAO members to attend.

    Motivation: Centralized ShapeShift has been attending and sponsoring ETHDenver for the last 5 years, as this event was in our own backyard. Now that we are a DAO and decentralized, we should consider many events, but what better way to start this DAO sponsorship theme than through our roots at ETHDenver. We would also be supporting another DAO, as with the genesis of Spork DAO in June 2021, ETHDenver is the first event based DAO in the world.

    Our motivation to sponsor this event is the exposure and supporting the BUIDLer community around us. These attendees are motivated, educated and the right type of connections for our DAO to be building. The attendees of this event include students, developers, technologists, community leaders, educational professionals, entrepreneurs and more.

    Since 2018 ETHDenver has seen over 40,000 attendees, 200+ international sponsors, 800+ teams, 400+ buidlers, representatives from 49 states and 104 countries. To date, ETHDenver is the world’s longest running and most diverse EThereum event produced.

    Our specific goals would be to:

    Raise awareness about ShapeShift’s journey to become a DAO

  • Recruit 3 interested developers to work with the DAO
  • Recruit 3 other members to other workstreams
  • Get 500 new members in the Discord
  • Speak on at least 1 panel
  • Host at least 1 workshop
  • Submit 3 bounties to the hackathon participants
  • Create DAO to DAO relationships and partnerships
  • Garner press and PR for the DAO
  • Meet ShapeShift DAO community members in the flesh and strengthen these relationships
  • Raise at least $100,000 in ETH for CoinCenter
  • Specifications:

    Please note these budgets are estimates at the moment. This event team will produce a report at the end with all costs to be transparent to the DAO. Any remaining funds that are not used will be returned to the DAO. I will alter these amounts before moving to formal proposal, if there seems to be general support. I also need to hear back from ETHDenver team to see if this level of sponsorship is still available.


    Presenting Level- $55,000

  • Benefits
  • 10 Sporkwhale tickets
  • XL (largest size) Logo on website, photo backdrop, stage banners, livestream, denver nft scavenger hunt, lanyard placement, badge placement.
  • Social, Blog and PR communications
  • Sponsor Table- Premium location, first choice
  • BUIDL Week featured calendar listing
  • Access to BUIDLers linkedin/github
  • Opening Ceremony Keynote - 10 minutes
  • Bounty Prize Limit: $50,000
  • 1 Panel Spot x 1 Workshop and 1 x Talk
  • Swag for the table, and incentives to achieve our goals. $6500
  • Tshirts/ Stickers
  • $500 of this budget would go to designs
  • Scholarships for DAO community members to attend $6500
  • While the event is a free event, it does require travel to get out here. We would like to be able to fund at least 8 ShapeShift DAO members with a $800 scholarship to offset the costs of travel. They would have to work a shift at the booth and attend/ help host the party. Denver residents are not eligible.
  • Workstreams can still sponsor the remainder of the cost of the trip
  • Sponsorship total: $68,000

    Fundraiser for CoinCenter/ VIP Dinner Event (48 ish attendees):

    Being a new DAO many of us are interested in supporting the work of Coin Center. Coin Center is the leading non-profit focused on the policy issues facing cryptocurrencies. They engage in research, educate policymakers, and advocate for sensible regulatory approaches to this technology. Another reason I find hosting a fundraiser as the DAO is to show we have a vested interest in this community and its future.

    The theme of the dinner will be Wild West Pioneers. We will invite a few VIP guests of honor that have founded or greatly contributed to the Denver/ Colorado crypto ecosystem. Including Erik Voorhees. This event will be sponsored by the ShapeShift DAO and will cost attendees 0.5- 1 ETH donation to CoinCenter to attend. Our goal is to raise $100,000 - $200,000 for Coin Center and garner more exposure for our DAO. ** These amounts are subject to change based on which VIP Guests we can secure.

    We would also like to create a one of 48 NFT for the attendees of this party. There is a budget for design and minting in this section.

    Shuttle Bus for 48 | $1,800 |

    Food for 48 | $5,500 |

    Staff | $2,000 |

    Alcohol | $1,200 |

    NFT Design and Minting | $2,500 |

    Total | $13,000 |

    After Party for ETHDenver- 200 attendees:

    While the conference brings professional relationships and contacts with BUIDLers in the community. The afterparty typically provides a space to build long lasting relationships and opportunities for the DAO. We have seen these afterparties be more fruitful than the conferences themselves at both ETHParis and at ETHLisbon. Those events were not even sponsored by ShapeShift, we can imagine the relationships and bonds we will build at our own sponsored event. There will be appetizers, alcoholic beverages and entertainment for the attendees. Space will be limited to 200 attendees, plus 25 ShapeShift DAO members. We would like a POAP for this event.

    After Party | |

    Shuttle Bus for 225 | $4,200 |

    Apps for 225 | $5,500 |

    Staff | $2,000 |

    Alcohol | $5,000 |

    Entertainment | $5,500 |

    Limited Edition Swag for donation | |

    Total | $22,200 |

    Total $103,200

    We would ask for this amount in USDC if possible, if not the FOX that would be granted to this event team would be immediately transferred into USDC, so that we are able to pay all our vendors without risk of market fluctuations.


    Including all the goals listed above.

    We would like to be seen in the same light as other top DAOs that have sponsored this event. Including but not limited to Uniswap, AAVE, Near, Gitcoin

  • Colorado is at the forefront of new organizational structures and business models, Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced at the 2021 ETHDenver that Colorado intends to become the “first digital state” We would like to continue to build our relationship with Colorado and help them understand the benefits of DAOs.
  • We would like to raise money for CoinCenter in hopes that we can help them to educate lawmakers and stakeholders about the benefits of DAOs.


The ask for $103,200 is not a small one, it should be considered carefully and weighed with the benefits and possible opportunities our DAO would create by sponsoring and attending these events.


Yes- ShapeShift DAO should sponsor ETHDenver, events and scholarships for $103,200

No- I do not support this proposal in its current form

Oh I forgot to add, I am not married to shuttle bus, and we should look into uber credits as an option for travel to the venue.

For more info on ETHDenver:



Sponsorship Packet: Community Patronage Book - SporkDAO / ETHDenver 2022 Sponsors - Google Drive

tysm for spearheading this proposal :fox_face:

I’m in full support of everything you’ve laid out. If there is one conference that we should make a big splash for, I think it’s ETHDenver. Not only is it one of the top, if not the best, Ethereum conference, but it’s right in our backyard, the timing is perfect for our first DAO-sponsored conference, and our very own also happens to be one of the co-founders. Plus it’s a great way for ShapeShift DAO to give back to the Ethereum community and ecosystem that have made everything we’re DAOing possible and who will continue to build public goods such as Sablier that could benefit the DAO in the future 2764

I also really love the scholarship idea and can’t wait to party with some of the newer members of the fox familia in RL :partying_face:

I am in full support!

Thank you for putting this together with so much thought and detail. I would absolutely support this.

I am in full support of this. This is a highly targeted demo and could be a huge boost for the DAO’s talent and human capital!

Could not love this more!

Can you share more about the scholarships? How will recipients be selected? From what I’m reading, it would be $800 to each recipient. Could those sponsorships be extended beyond 8 people if the DAO covered actual travel costs, up to $800?

Stoked you’re putting this together. Can’t wait to (hopefully) get a spot at the event and meet other members and crypto enthusiasts.

As Willy mentioned ETHDENVER is near and dear to my heart - but I also think it’s an incredible way to get visibility for the DAO! A big hell yes from me.

Thank you for the detailed proposal - I would love to see the DAO supporting more events as time goes on and I think ETHDenver is a great one to start and go relatively big with! You set a great standard here for events with a detailed post and breakdown of all the expenses, goals, and reasons behind various decisions.

Part of my gut says this may be a bit too expensive out of the gate and I would not want to see the DAO spending this much on events on the regular so I am little worried about this setting a precedent, at the same time I think ethdenver is likely worth that and I am fine approving the amount this time around as a voter.

That being said I don’t like us getting in the habit of selling fox to fund events like this (really I personally want to see the DAO get away from selling fox directly to the market for expenses as much as practicable), so I think the costs should be paid in usdc from the DAO and that amount should be obtained in a way that the treasury does not directly sell fox (e.g via rari loan or through other activities of the TMDC committee to obtain stablecoins that do not involve direct sales of FOX via DEXes).

So I am in support of this as long as there is no plan for the treasury to sell fox in order to fund it (if that was the language of the proposal I would vote against it).

What a great detailed proposal !

I think this event is an absolute must, the opportunity at an event like this to network and connect with like-minded individuals is endless. If we want to be well known, we need to be seen.

I agree with JonisJon though on the direct sale of FOX. I think the TMDC can figure out a way to obtain USDC or other stable coins without impacting FOX.

Thanks for the support and the feedback so far.

My original thought for scholarships is that we (myself, willy, petecoin) would accept applications and then distribute to those DAO members that have contributed to the success of the DAO so far. Or if someone has a unique story of why they want to come to the event. I would be open to any other ideas of a fair and efficient way to do this.

I hear your concerns about selling the FOX directly to stables, I will work with the TMDC to find some creative alternatives about getting stables.

In terms of setting a “bad” precedent for high costs of event sponsorship, I will keep that in mind, but in this case, we are hoping to raise money for a good cause in crypto while also sponsoring the event, at the highest level. I do think the ends justify the means in this case, and it might not in the future.

Thanks for listening to the feedback , I am exited to see this move forward!

My note about the precedent was more of a note to the community and less of feedback on this particular proposal (and just expressing my feelings) that I don’t want to see a 100k budget for every event, I think we can be far more efficient than that with most events and we should treat DAO funds like our own (since all fox holders own the treasury!) however I also agree with you I think the budget is fine for this particular instance and is justified via your detailed proposal.

Thanks for hearing me out on the fox selling side, I am sure you and the TMDC committee can come up with viable alternatives with the same result!

Assuming no major changes to above, I plan to support this when it goes to snapshot!

I like this. Also am a bit concerned about the high cost, and think that is worth it, as long as we are not selling FOX to have access to the USD needed for this budget.

An update from ETHDenver:

They have had an overwhelming amount of interest in sponsorships and looks like the only that will be available to us is a lower level and will be ~17k

Kent is chatting with John and I am chatting with Shannon on Dec 6th. We will see if there is any other news, but it sounds like we will likely be going with a lower sponsorship.

Yes I support this proposal. I am also willing to design, and/or create some NFTs for these specific purposes. My discord name is ShroomPOWER#8757

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Really nice post …Appreciate it. Good job !!

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