About the Special Projects category

Propose and discuss new workstreams or special projects.

A workstream represents a core activity of our project. This includes departments as well as ongoing activities or initiatives (ie. testing).

A special project is a temporary or one-time initiative that is not expected to be ongoing and does not fit into any existing workstreams.

Propose new workstreams in the Meta-Governance category and propose special projects in the Special Projects subcategory

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    New workstream or special project proposals should follow this template:

    (Replace this first paragraph with a brief description of your new category. This guidance will appear in the category selection area, so try to keep it below 200 characters.)

    Use the following paragraphs for a longer description, or to establish category guidelines or rules:

    Why should people use this workstream? What is it for?

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
  • What is the mission of this workstream?
  • What are the goals of this workstream?
  • What metrics can this workstream’s success be measured against?
  • What should topics in this category generally contain?
  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?

Will your workstream hold recurring meetings? If so, consider including a Doodle poll

  • to determine the optimal meeting time.