Allow mnemonic seed phrase import in ShapeShift mobile

I love the proposal to support additional wallets in the ShapeShift web interface, in addition to adding new wallet support I think a piece of low hanging fruit would be adding the ability to import existing wallets into the ShapeShift native mobile wallet. This will promote wider adoption by allowing users to bring their existing wallets into the ShapeShift ecosystem and enjoy the FOX benefits that come from using the SS app/wallet.

I am willing to write the proposal, draft an outline of the work needed to make this happen, and even participate in developing this feature if the community agrees this is valuable.

I think this is valuable and would vote for a proposal.

100% this has been our roadmap for a while but we haven’t got to it, would love to see this happen ASAP, it’s a necessary feature we have been missing.

Would totally support you writing a formal proposal, speccing out the work and contributing to make this happen quickly !

I think something in the 10-20k FOX range for a bounty on this work would probably be accepted easily and I would happily support!

I have wanted to see this feature for a while. +1

Love this idea. We already have the UX/Designs ready to go for this to help make the building process faster

+1 for this. Definitely an important feature that the app is missing.

I think you should go ahead and move this forward to ideation and proposal draft ! Clearly has strong support and a much needed feature.