[Proposal Idea] – Fox Lodge - Blockchain Rewards Voting System

Hi future member of the fox brotherhood!

It’s me! Your first judge “Loading”… lol

I want you to help me out with this proposal since it would be nice to see it working as intended.

As you may have noticed, I posted my proposal directly in the ideation of the Boardroom app at:


The reason for jumping straight into the Ideation section of the app without passing through the forum debate is that it defeats the objective of the proposal.

I want YOU to become a judge in the process of making the adjustments of the proposal instead of just making observations and wasting time and energy on something that may never be done.

The rewards voting system will allow you to make the changes or adjustments to the proposal and if the adjustments you suggest are selected by the community, then you will become a judge too!

Meaning that you will get rewarded (with crypto) for the time and effort you invest in making ShapeShift The BETS DAO in the UNIVERSE!

We can do this together, and you should get rewarded for your contributions to the community.

So don’t waste more time and vote FOR so we can get enough support to give some work to the ShapeShift foundation!

Feel free to talk about this with me and the ShapeShift DAO team here and I hope we can move forward together.

Thanks for your time!

I feel like the baltent disregard for the process that has been established is a red flag to me, and the fact that its been two months since it was visited, what has changed? you still aren’t wanting to follow the proper chain of operations in order to get a proposal to pass. This is a slap in the face of the established governance that all the other proposals have to go through to get voted for favorably and on in the right chain.

I would be voting no on this if it were to re-face voting at this time.

Agreed, if you want to change the process, let’s have a discussion about that here on the forum and discord as a community. No one is against possible changes that are discussed.

But if you are going to just try to ignore the processes without engaging in discussion with the DAO community I will vote this down every time.

Dear fox brother PTT.

You are right in what bureaucracy concerns and I agree with you in the bureaucratic matter BUT what you are asking me to do is to give away intellectual property without rewarding anything to the proposers and that’s the main reason of me being forced to jump the bureaucracy. To prevent bad actors of patenting ideas because under international intellectual property law, once a work is published, automatically becomes the proof of intellectual ownership. If I just post my ideas in a forum, it could be manipulated, that’s why I was forced to skip this step. To protect my intellectual property. Since there’s no invention as the one I’m giving to the DAO and the world, I was forced to protect my idea for the benefit of us all. Hope you understand and participate in a way that protects your ideas and rewards you for helping improve the community! =)

I can’t give away my intellectual property for nothing. I was forced to publish first to protect my rights and the rights of future ideas of participants. Publishing my work was the only way to protect the idea since there’s no one with something similar to contribute my own idea. Because this is the first system of its kind. Hope you understand and contribute your ideas in a safely manner that rewards for your contributions and protects your intellectual property 1f642

I give away my ideas all the time and I think it’s the right thing to do to add value to the ShapeShift ecosystem.

Something I have learned as an entrepreneur over the years is that ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is what really matters.

I’m not personally interested in seeing the DAO just pay for ideas and would not vote for a system where it did.

So how would you encourage participation? If you don’t reward anything to anyone, people will have priorities other than the DAO. To have the BEST DAO, we should be actively promoting participation and attracting people to the ecosystem. Things will not happen if we don’t make it happen Jon. Please support me!

We have an extremely active DAO with lots of participation already not even 2 months in - so I don’t see the need for what is being proposed here.

The incentivize is wanting to help build out and grow the DAO itself and I think the velocity of ShapeShift DAO governance to this point already proves that point out.

We have an incentivized community via those who hold FOX, we don’t need even more incentives just to get people to share ideas.

That’s boring Jon. Please support me! :upside_down_face:

You are not doing a very good job of convincing me (or seemingly anyone).

What can I do to make you happy?