Appointing new EPNS Delegates

Gm fox fam!

Remember when we partnered with the Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) to enable sending push notifications to wallet addresses?

If you haven’t already, head to EPNS | Ethereum Push Notification Service

  1. , subscribe to the ShapeShift channel, and download the EPNS mobile app to receive push notifications for new ShapeShift governance proposals.

    So what’s next?

    Enabling users to easily opt-in to our EPNS channel from the ShapeShift app

Sending product-based notifications to users via EPNS (ie. 12.34 FOX received 1f4b0 or FOX is up 12.34% 1f4c8

  1. )
  2. Displaying notifications in our app (and eventually delivering native push notifications for mobile users)
  3. Enabling our users to opt into other EPNS channels from our app and receive/view all of their notifications from ShapeShift
  4. Offering users additional methods of receiving their EPNS notifications, such as email, SMS, telegram, or discord

I know what you’re thinking… “wow this sounds awesome, but how the fox are we gonna buidl this all?”


Happy to reveal that a small crew of foxes ( ) from the product, marketing, and engineering workstreams have been working with a really cool team for the past 3 months, Wherever. Wherever is in the final stages of stealth mode and preparing for their alpha launch of this exact product. Soon we’ll have all of the above supported in our app with little-to-no distraction to engineering :exploding_head: 1f51c

Check out these sneak peaks of Wherever :zipper_mouth_face:

Alpha version sneak peak

Clickable prototype

So, what do we need to do?

We need to pass a proposal to appoint some new delegates, including addresses operated by Wherever and a new address controlled by marketing. I also recommend we delegate authority to the Operations Workstream Leader, currently , the authority to appoint new delegates without requiring an additional proposal. After that, engineering just needs to merge a PR, which the Wherever team has assured us will be very lightweight but will deliver all of the functionality from the sneak peak above.

I will follow up with a draft proposal with specifics, but wanted to get the discussion/incubation period started. Thanks and have a great weekend foxes! I’m off to celebrate a successful merge with some fox frens in RL :fox_face: :partying_face:

more context:

In SCP-79, the community delegated authority to the marketing and growth workstream leader(s) to be able to send custom notifications to all subscribers. This was accomplished by executing a transaction from the DAO Treasury, the EPNS channel’s wallet admin, to add a wallet address controlled by the marketing workstream as a Delegate. Unfortunately that wallet is no longer accessible and the language in SCP-79 did not delegate the authority to add new delegates. In this proposal we should remove the address previously appointed as a delegate and grant authority to appoint new delegates without requiring an additional proposal.

So, amending the SCP-79 to be able to appoint new signees in the original proposal or are other changes needing to be made?

  • Yes the only necessary change to include in the proposal is to grant authority to a workstream leader such as Ops to add/remove delegates from the EPNS channel.

    Then the workstream leader can make these changes:

    Remove this delegate: 0x52b6c397EeAba8bFDe49d7484c1EC33998C5EE35

  • Appoint a new delegate
  • Appoint the following addresses for Warm
  • SS Staging comms channel - 0x1c6f97c400a9804A1bB1d7026C77CD7494E78ca5
  • SS Production comms channel - 0x6193Bc1a8E1610d508e18EF21F4A12b8EFeFE007
  • discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-zsozg2.png willy:

    clude in the proposal is to grant authority to a workstream leader such as Ops to add/remove delegat

    I am happy to have Ops be a delegate in this proposal. Thank you for putting this all together

    Also excited for wherever!