Are there any plans for FOX to become cross platform/blockchain?

I’ve been into FOX for a couple of months now and I was just wondering if there are any plans to make FOX cross-platform because my biggest problem with FOX right now is high ETH gas fees

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This is a topic that’s been mentioned various times in the community. As of now FOX is on xDai for bridging and probably going to be on Matic/Polygon in the coming weeks/months.

If you are talking about FOX adopting another EVM chain as its native chain, I’ll allow someone more knowledgeable chime in on that.

Is there any reason why xDAI, in particular, was chosen first as opposed to BSC or polygon?

Great question. It is because of our governance process. The treasury does payouts through Colony, which is currently on xDai. We are looking to solve the FOX on xDai liquidity issue soon, and there are active talks on launching FOX on Polygon with an incentivized LP, which you can see in the Tokenomics section of the forum.