Assign @cryptohmeg as Workstream Leader of the Customer Support Workstream


  • Lead the team and management of “Proposal to fund the Customer Support Workstream”.

  • Manage bi-monthly payroll and vendor payments.
  • Act as a steward of all things FOX governance, most specifically for the Customer Support team.
  • Move from a Director role as WSL to an advisory role in 8-12 months. (Read more below).

Director to Advisor:

As a longstanding member and leader of the Customer Support Team at ShapeShift, I have become a central, informational point of failure. My goal has been and will continue to be, disseminating my knowledge of ShapeShift products and culture and my support management skills to other team members. The ultimate goal is to DAO myself out of a full time role and ultimately become an advisor that future leaders can call upon for advice in the future.

How do I plan on achieving this?

Through the staffing I have prepared in the funding proposal, I will set into motion a transfer of responsibilities to 4 new leaders: DQA Manager, Helpdesk Manager, and the Support Agent Managers. This will decentralize the knowledge and diversify the style of workstream management moving forward.

While I’d like to see our funding proposals renewed every 4 months (this timeline is up for discussion), I’d also like to see a decrease in my scope and salary with each renewal. The decrease will be determined by goals hit individually and cumulatively by the Support Leadership Team.

Ultimately, I want to be a resource for as long as I’m relevant.

WHY? Why would I want to DAO myself out of a job? 2 reasons….

  1. It’s in the spirit of the DAO. In fact, it was in the spirit of a centralized role as well. It’s just more plausible within the DAO to make the goal a reality because of less red tape and complacency.

  2. My personal goal is to focus more on the FOX governance model as well as a personal aspiration of epic motherhood and nutrition counseling.

No funding required for this proposal. Funding for the role is included in the funding proposal which is coming up next!

Resume attached (edited to remove personal contact information):

I’ll move this over to the Proposal Discussion once I get some feedback from the community. Appreciate your thoughts and support in advance!

Happy to see ’s proposal to take this leadership position. I think you are the right person for the job at this time. I think it’s quite possible to DAO yourself out of a job and focus on DAO governance, with an eye on interests of the workstream. In the future, if it turns out that this workstream needs a full-time WSL and there is a capable candidate, would you be willing to let go completely so someone eager and able to do the full time job could take it? As it stands right now, I will sleep easier knowing that your hands are at the support helm.

I would be SO happy in the future if the WS needed another leader to hand over the reigns. I look forward to the day!

Strongly support you in this role and moving forward with this - love that you have a focus on building a sustainable Workstream that can depend less on you over time and that you would really try to DAO yourself out of a job.

I have always thought the best entrepreneurs constantly focus on finding ways to build something where they can replace their own roles and this should probably be even more true in a DAO world! Great example to set for the whole community!