BOUNTY: 20,000 FOX for UI/UX Design (no code) of “FOX Page” by April 30


The FOX token is central to ShapeShift’s open-source platform, yet today it’s treated like all other assets: it only has a boilerplate Asset Page. Users of the platform don’t have much of a way to experience their FOX token.

This bounty is for the UI/UX work (no engineering yet) to design a “FOX Page.” It will be the primary way for users to interact with FOX tokens and learn about its super powers. If Product Approves, it will sit as a top-level nav link.

What feature is being bountied?

UI/UX Design of the FOX Page (a newly conceived page living in

Why should this feature be integrated with ShapeShift?

The actions people can take with FOX needs to be better highlighted. FOX is unique among all the assets we support for the obvious reasons. It needs to be “unburied” from the pile.

Who is the team/project behind the feature?

Beorn and any forest spirits which may be influencing him.

Requirements & Spec

  • As a user, I want to holistically experience my FOX tokens.

    Learn about FOX tokens

  • Buy & Sell FOX tokens
  • Send & Receive FOX tokens
  • See my balance and current yield in a clear and “alive” way
  • Easily find opportunities for which I can use FOX such as governance, FOXy, liquidity providing, etc.
  • Execute on those opportunities.

The page should be somewhat modular, since the things which FOX can do will change over time. It will have three sections vertically laid out:

First Section: User’s FOX and FOXy balance

The top portion of the page should clearly show FOX and FOXy balance (in asset and fiat terms), with a clear conveyance of the yield earned on he latter. There should be a CTA to Buy FOX easily.

Second Section: FOX Market and Asset Data

  • The Page should elegantly display basic market/coin stats for FOX:

    Price w/ simple chart.

  • Available Supply
  • Total Supply (emphasize the cap)
  • Market Cap
  • Supply held by the DAO
  • Trade venues (Uniswap, Thorchain, Coinbase, Binance, etc)

Third Section: What Does The FOX Do

  • Any opportunity we know about for FOX should be presented in this section. The visual focus should emphasize Governance and FOXy…. Everything else of lesser order.

    Today, we know about at least:

    Governance (brief description and link to Snapshot/Boardroom)

  • FOXy (live soon)
  • Liquidity Providing in various venues.
  • UniV2 (with rewards)
  • Sushi
  • Honeyswap
  • Thorchain
  • others?
  • oneFOX and the AngelVault
  • Tokemak reactor
  • Rari Pool 6 (borrow against your FOX)
  • Olympus bonds (FOX-ETH & USDC bonds which pay FOX)
  • Others?

Bounty Details

Bounty Amount: 20,000 FOX, paid on completion of design (no code) deliverables.

Expiration date

Bounty must be completed by the end of April 2022

How to apply

Please apply to Diggy as head of the Product Workstream.

I like this idea a lot, thanks for putting up this bounty . I do think FOX needs its own dedicated page and the use cases and reasons for this will only continue to grow. Let’s make sure FOX is a first class citizen in the ShapeShift app, full support to see this happen!

This looks great. The Product and Creative Services Workstream will discuss early next week and get the ball rolling.

It’d be cool to see this as an open bounty (contest style) to encourage more ideas and participants, especially since this is a no-code design bounty.

Good evening, I find this open bounty UI/UX creation of design , really interesting. I am currently a member of Shapeshift LatAm and would like more information on whether any user can request this bounty.

or as mentions, it is free for users to submit their proposals and in a certain way choose one of the designs presented.

I would like to have more details!

Hi @ Rohekbenitez. If you are interested in this bounty, please DM me on Discord and we can chat further. Thank you!

1f44b Greetings to all, very interesting, the reward for the fox page, is it possible for me to be part of the proposal?

Doesn’t seem like they’re too interested in an open bounty format :man_shrugging: Would’ve been the perfect first trial of how much engagement an open format bounty could receive, as I believe all our previous (formal) bounties were apply and start. Anyways, your best bet is to join us on discord and look for our awesome product leader and voice your interest!