Commission for custom NFTs for first accepted proposals

I am an artist in the NFT community and have been involved in Shapeshift since the beginning, just never as an employee. My proposal is to create 10 fox themed custom NFTs (integrating the evolution of the Fox logo over the years) and award them to the creators of the first 10 accepted proposals.

My goal is to incentivize and commemorate the start of this DAO and the decentralization of Shapeshift.

As a Shapeshift user, as well as a lover of all things foxes, this expression feels like an exciting way for me to contribute to the DAO and I am super excited about it.

I have included a few of my most recent digital art pieces and am excited to see how these pieces come into being.

My proposal is to do this for 1200 FOX per piece, this will cover my time and artistic energy, plus the minting cost of the NFTs.

I am really excited to be a part of contributing to decentralized Shapeshift and would love to hear the thoughts and feedback from others in the community before turning this into a formal proposal.

Hey , welcome to the FOX den! thanks for the excellent idea and proposal. I fully support this, and not just because I want one of these myself!!

This is an awesome proposal and a great way to incentivize early proposal creation and voting.

I love the art style and I think the ask of 1200 fox per piece is quite reasonable - I fully support this going to a formal proposal and would vote yes on this!

Thanks Willy! Let me know when you think I should take this to the next step to create a formal proposal.

Thank you for the support.

Honestly I think you have a very clear proposal and unanimous support so far, and I think the chances of this passing are high. If I were you I would start drafting the proposal and if no other feedback comes in, post it to the ideation section in ShapeShift’s boardroom, and let folks here and in the discord know they have 5 days to weigh in before it goes up for a governance proposal.

Thank you for the information , I have created the official ideation proposal and you can view it here: Boardroom Management Portal

Awesome looks great , just voted 1f642

could you please link us to your on chain NFT portfolio so we can see the success of your past work? I fully support the idea of rewarding ShapeShift participation with NFTs but want to get a justification for the price and a better sense of what the project will look like.

Also would be nice to get a better sense for what you envision to make sure it’s what the community wants to see. I personally would love to have a FOX style avatar.

Thank you for the feedback and questions. At the moment, I am choosing to remain anonymous from my portfolios because they have my full name on them. However, I am currently on Foundation, OpenSea and Rarible. If you would like, I would be willing to share more artwork as a representation of my work? The style I am thinking for these pieces will be a combo of photo collages, digital drawing + painting and a layered/mysterious look.

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If we are incentivizing an artist to create NFTs for the ShapeShift ecoystem it may make sense to identify a list of possible creations and allow the community to vote on design proposals. I think it would also make sense to allow for NFT artists to apply and make a case for themselves and then we as a community could vote on our ideal arist(s).

I love the this idea just want to make sure we allocate FOX as effectively as possible.

I love ’s idea! Also, welcome to the FOX Den - I LOVE YOUR ART.

Thank you for the kind words and the warm welcome.

I think that is a great idea and can be accomplished in various ways. For this specific proposal, I wanted a to share the style above and then allow the space for creativity within the scope of the project. I do think it is important to make sure the quality of the work is in alignment with the DAO and its members.

Perhaps you would be open to creating a proposal on what that process might look like going forward for NFT artists? Do you envision this happening in a certain way? I think it is a great topic to discuss further. I’d be open to discussing it privately too if there was a group who wanted to explore this? Let me know.

nice, i like your art

Thanks Hoff! Appreciate it.

I’m just trying to make sure all proposals get thoroughly discussed. I see this is 3 parts, let me know if you agree.

1 –

Create a forum post to gauge everyones interest on what type of NFT project they would like to see. i.e. your art, fox avatars, custom smart contract fox generator, maybe even historical ShapeShift multimedia pieces since they’ve been around for awhile (e.g. logo iterations, this forum background, etc)

After crowd sourcing ideas the DAO could pick their favorite via snapshot proposal.

2 –

Once we have the project idea I think it would make sense to allow any other artists in the community apply.

If there is enough interest we could vote again or run a collaborated project.

0 –

While DAO decisions shouldn’t be rushed to approval, there is something to be said about being the one that brought forward the idea. I’d personally like to see one of the pieces envisioned by you, especially before step 2 above.

If we can get consensus I’d love to commission one of your pieces immediately to be used by the community for 1200 FOX.

sorry I’m not sure where I lost plurality, maybe from my last point? I agree, the project should be as big as possible.

My last point, #0, was just saying that I think we should reward with a commission of one of his pieces since he came up with the idea, and that would also give him a better shot if we end up having multiple NFT artists apply since the community could actually see what he envisions.

  1. I think this conversation is part of a larger discussion. I would urge you to share this in the same steps all proposals are shared: start in the #proposals section of the Discord channel (it is my understanding this is where the starting conversations begin), then once there has been discussion it will move over to the forums with a written proposal (discussed for 5 days) and then finally to the final voting stage after. I am still learning the process so please excuse if I missed a step in there.

    I have two initial thoughts:

    I think what you are proposing could definitely be a worthwhile venture/proposal and could help the community and its systems.

  2. I would argue also that the process in and of itself is a vetting process for artists.
  3. Both of those being said, if the community would like artists to go through an initial process before the proposal processes, I would gladly support it and help create those parameters with you. I think the community at large needs to have access to these conversations in the Discord channel. (You may have started one over there that I have missed). I fully support having more conversations surrounding this.

    A few responses to your 3 part process:

    I feel this step happens in the #proposals section of the Discord. This is where the ideation of a proposal begins. Once there has been a “consensus” or clarity given it goes to the forum.

If this were to be an added step before the

  1. in the Discord, how would the interest be quantified? Would there be a vote before the other votes in the process? How do you envision gauging the interest?
  2. With step 2, I would argue that any artists have the opportunity to apply to the DAO. There is part of me that feels this step may limit artists and their projects. I refer to the article of what it means to be a FOX: “We believe in decentralization and permission less innovation.” That being said, I think there can be projects that happen in the way you describe here and also through the standard protocols, they do not need to be mutually exclusive. That feels in alignment with, “We believe in being open minded about new crypto project and opportunities (but this should be paired with healthy skepticism.”
  3. 0- (3)- I appreciate your feedback here as well as others who have voted and contributed to this conversation.

I really do feel this should be a topic in the #proposals section on Discord and am absolutely willing to continue this conversation and discussion there so the rest of the community can be involved. I am simply one perspective in a sea of amazing ideas that we have yet to hear.