Customer Support Team Structure Changes

Hello DAO’ers, it’s me again. Crossing a lot of T’s and dotting a lot of I’s before I’m away for a couple months. As promised in my last budget update, I’d like to give an update around our transition to a new team structure starting this month:

We have removed an additional staff member from our team and will be shifting responsibilities around to fit the needs of the DAO customers at this time. That team member was - one of my favorite leaders to have worked with over the past 4 years!!! We are going to miss him on the team, but I know his high level of expertise will get scooped up by another project soon – maybe even here at the ShapeShift DAO if things ramp back up again soon (if so, I’m hiring him back faster than you can say Vitalik Buterin).

Moving forward and myself (once I’m back from maternity leave) will be taking on the ticket queue in conjunction with our other responsibilities. We will continue to have 2 full time agents and to continue being our trusted care takers of customers. We will still provide 7 day a week support, but will have some pockets of time where 24 hours will not be possible, however no more than 8 hours will ever go in between coverage.

We are continuing to use Zendesk, while also leveraging Discord to care for customers who are directly involved in the community. our monthly budget will be just shy of $25k USDC per month (pending any re-hiring that may be needed before the end of the year (and our proposal)).

If you have any questions about these changes, please let me know. This will be the final budget changes before I leave for maternity leave. And unless there’s any emergencies, there will be no further budget changes until I’m back. Thanks all!