Update to Customer Support Workstream Proposal Budget

Due to two products dropping from our scope (Portis & KeepKey Retail), along with a downtrend in the market, and cost savings in mind for the DAO’s overall budget, the Customer Support Workstream has completed the following cuts to staff* and budgets**.

*Due to these staff reductions, we have decreased our hours of availability on weekends and will likely experience longer resolution times. We will promptly address any customer satisfaction issues that may arise from these changes.

**The salary reductions are temporary, and as the markets improve and our workload increases again, we will revisit these salaries and staffing needs with the community.

Staff cuts: 6400 USDC/month (3 agents were off-boarded and 1 manager was moved to agent status.)

Benefits cut: 2800 USDC/month (a 40% decrease in benefits for each individual on the support leadership team)

Salary cuts for support leaders: 1900 USDC/month

Bonus fund: 3500 USDC/month

Est misc cost savings due to downsizing team: 1000 USDC/month

Total cuts estimated: ~15,600 USDC/month

Adjusted proposal funding request: ~28,500 USDC/month (38% overall decrease, original request = 45,600 USDC)

We will continue to monitor the needs of the DAO in the coming weeks and are prepared to re-expand or further contract if needed. We will revisit the proposal’s budget in early August before Megan is away for maternity leave. Our proposal is scheduled to expire Dec 31st, 2022.

The full scope of Customer Support roles and responsibilities can be revisited in our original proposal here: SCP 74 - Fund the Customer Support Workstream

Happy to answer any questions.

The 3 agents who are no longer working for us (CJ, FoxRain, and Ace) left on great terms. They made excellent contributions to the company over the years…

to be specific - has been with the company for 4 years and made his mark. He is one of the most knowledgeable team members in terms of crypto and always contributed to the learning environment during team events and meetings. Always asking great questions and helping his fellow team members.

@Ace frequently held the top spot as “most productive” on the team each month, pumping through the most Zendesk tickets regularly. We will miss his vigor for the role.

was an absolute rockstar, in and out of the office. His intelligence and confident presence on the team was appreciated. He handled customer issues with great care.

We wish them all the best!

…and we look forward to collaborating with them here in the DAO in the near future.