Delegate FOX Voting Power

The idea is simple, some friends could not participate actively in governance but they trust you enough to vote for them.

Gitcoin and their Stewards are doing it that way.

To maximize governance participation, should we do it too? :fox_face:

Thanks, this is my first topic.

great idea , thanks for posting!

We actually do support delegation currently on snapshot, but to your point we could improve the UX a lot, ideally using SnapShot’s API to implement our own UI, or even better, get some clean UI for this added to our Boardroom Governance Portal.

It’s kind of buried at the moment.

Here are instructions for how to do it now: Delegation - Snapshot

What do you think about getting the UX for this in boardroom? We could even potentially sponsor a FOX bounty for them to build this for us and make it available to all DAOs.

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Thanks for the reply !

That was exactly what I meant.

I hope more people find the idea interesting 1f60a

Awesome 1f642 I’ll reach out to the boardroom team and see what they about the idea of ShapeShift sponsoring this

great news! chatted with Kevin Nielsen in Paris and Boardroom will be releasing a beautiful UI for SnapShot voting delegation soon. Will update this thread when it’s live.