Engineering Report - November

  • November is the month that the majority of engineers from ShapeShift AG were released from full-time employment, and started earning pay through the DAO’s Engineering Workstream. We lost about half the engineering team as a result - some just were not interested in continuing on with the DAO. Also, infrastructure is not under the purview of the workstream, so any updates on infrastructure will not be included here.

    Hit bounty target of go live on Nov 18 for a soft launch of web v2, including:

  • BTC send/receive
  • 0x Trading
  • Yearn Integration
  • Charts and Balances
  • Native wallet, KeepKey, MetaMask (and Ledger through MetaMask)
  • Up to Nov 18, that was the sole focus
  • Since Nov 18, did a lot of clean-up, performance improvements, and bug fixes in web v2 and unchained
  • Started planning for:
  • Bigger Unchained changes, to make it more extensible, easier to add additional chains
  • Market Data Service, which will allow coin market data from more than one source
  • Worked on Yearn router smart contract. This needs to be deployed and implemented so that Yearn deposits made through v2 are attributable to the DAO, and earn revenue for us. (in full transparency, this is more the work of 0xcean and MrNerdHair, neither of which are actually in the workstream)
  • Had discussions about recruiting and vetting new engineering workstream full-time contributors
  • Reached out to other DAO engineering teams to discuss best practices