Engineering Report - September

  • Posting this here for historic purposes:

    September Accomplishments:

    Note that in September and October, this is more of a ShapeShift, Inc Engineering Team report. The Workstream officially kicks off on Nov 1, and at the same time, the number of full-time engineers dedicated to the project drops from 18 to 13.

    Web v2:

    Sending for eth and erc20s

  • Complete
  • Asset Service
  • Abstraction to make it easier to add additional assets.
  • Complete
  • Storybook implemented
  • Abstraction to make it easier to add UI components and keep them consistent throughout the app.
  • Complete
  • Swapper in Lib repo
  • Abstraction to add multiple trading protocols
  • 90% done
  • Types in lib repo
  • Abstracted to separate package
  • Complete
  • Lib repo: auto-version bumps
  • Automation work to increase on-going dev velocity
  • Complete
  • BTC in ChainAdapters
  • Legacy sends and receive done
  • Bech32 work began
  • Wallet planning
  • Began discussions for how to integrate more wallets and create a wallet SDK
  • Unchained:

    Common API definition

  • Modify definition to accommodate for different chains
  • BTC
  • Nodes, indexer, ingester
  • All complete
  • Cluster launcher
  • Improve Unchained deployment process - configurable for different AWS accounts. Allows for prod and test versions. Easier for outside contributors to deploy in their environments.
  • Complete
  • Websockets
  • For real-time updates of sends/receives/etc…
  • Work began last week of the month
  • Contracts, LP, Rewards:


  • Deployed FairDrop contract and modified front-end to allow eligible addresses to claim it.
  • LP Staking contract v2
  • Created and deployed. Once funded, it will start rewarding.

    1. :

      LP Staking v2

    2. Dev complete. Product and Operations began testing the last week of the month.
    3. Mobile and Legacy Web:

      Mobile: LP Staking v2

    4. Code complete on Oct 4
    5. Web & Mobile: EIP 1559 gas fees
    6. Complete
    7. Infrastructure:

      Multiple cost saving measures in AWS

    8. Additional infrastructure cost savings research
    9. Moved alerts from Slack to Discord