FOX Voting Power

FOX in each of the following places count towards voting power:


1 FOX = 1 voting power, whether held in wallet, represented by tFOX, or paired with another asset in an LP

Last updated 5/13/24 to add FOX farm round 9.

View the complete details of how FOX Voting Power is currently calculated in the Strategies section of the ShapeShift Snapshot Settings

Any chance to get scFOX added to the list for the entire 13 of us holding it? Recently went heavy on UMA to hunker down for the long-haul aka to train my weak hands. 1f605

100% chance 1f60e thanks for requesting

Givfarm on gnosis?

I was thinking on the same what @Giantkin say , would be nice to have the fox of givfarm too

Agree that the FOX/xDAI RegenFarm on Gnosis Chain would be a welcome addition @Giantkin and @Mrbear. The two challenges for this are 1. ShapeShift’s snapshot space is already at the maximum number of allowed strategies, and we do not currently have a defined process for removing a strategy other than the standard governance process, and 2. there is not an existing snapshot strategy for RegenFarms, so a developer would have to create one

Would be happy to enable if both challenges are addressed.

Did I understand from the governance call that SnapShot only allows 8 strategies?

If so, seems like there are some that we could remove from this list of 15.

The ones that are baked into the Multistrategy we cant touch without removing them all. somewhere there is a list of what those ones include.