Ideation Post [SCP-109] ETH Denver 2023 Travel Reinbursement and Supplemental Material Costs

Summary: This proposal is the second part of the initial incubation post for [SCP103] which is asking for a total of up to $7,000 USDC for covering costs and reimbursing travel for DAO members who help out at ETH Denver 2023.

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Purpose: Get coverage and help non-Denver local foxes with their travel costs related to attending and assisting with the booth at ETH Denver 2023. Also, getting swag and supplemental informational materials for ETH Denver 2023.

Currently, we will need about 10 people to cover the booth shifts at ETH Denver this coming year. In order to incentive this, I am suggesting that reimburse up to $500 of travel/event-related costs for contributors who work the booth for at least three shifts. This would be a total request of up to $5000. This would be coordinated through PTT verifying receipts of people and working with the multi-sig to send out the reimbursements after ETH Denver by March 15th. If we are able to cover the shifts at the event with locals who don’t need the full travel stipend, the remaining funds will stay in the treasury.

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I would also like to request up to $2000 USDC to cover the costs of purchasing event swag(to be determined what exactly, currently working with gray/marketing/global) and updated supplemental materials(stickers, informational cards, etc) for the event. Any unused funds will be returned to the treasury. I will request these funds upfront sent to PTT and he will handle reimbursing contributors who are purchasing these materials for the event. When the event is over and the reimbursements for travel are made, any unused funds of the $2000(minus gas costs) will be returned to the treasury.


This will hopefully help with coverage of the booth for ETH Denver 2023 while also allowing for dedicated foxes to be able to come out and experience ETH Denver 2023 as well.


The runway is limited and this would cut into it. While it isn’t a huge sum, it does cut into the runway and is a cost to the DAO.


I support this proposal

I do not support this proposal

I support this proposal, with changes (If selecting this, please comment changes in forum)

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