Incubation Post [SCP-TBD] Discussion around ETH Denver 2023 and if ShapeShift DAO should sponsor and have a booth or not

We are currently about 6 months away from ETH Denver 2023 and I wanted to begin discussing early if ShapeShift DAO should consider sponsoring/having a booth this year. We did make a small investment for last year’s booth and got booth stuff made thanks to s efforts!

I wanted to start to bring up this topic and see if we want to consider sponsoring the event again this year and to what level.

I have included the sponsorship information packet link here. Public - Google Drive

if you cannot access this, let me know and I can share in discord/try to figure it out here.

So, with the bear market, and potential costs to the DAO, should the shapeshift dao committ to a sponsorship/booth for the year 2023.

If we were to pay for it now, and get the early bird special we could get the basic Block sponsorship level with the early bird booth upgrade level for $15,000 USDC. This level does not include any speaking opportunities for any DAO members though.

The minimum cost right now though if we were to act before the end of September would be $15,000 USDC and the maximum costs are upwards of $100k USDC.

So, let’s forum and discuss.

Thanks, Fox Fam.


Should we sponsor a booth at ETH Denver 2023 this year?

If you voted yes on the previous poll, what level would you like to see the dao sponsor ETH Denver 2023 to?

With the 25k, 45k, and 85k options, there would be opportunities to sponsor bounties, if you vote for those levels, should we sponsor a bounty if you chose those levels?

Adding a Poll based on this comment from , should the ShapeShift Dao off a stipend to community members to come to the event and help out with the booth?

How many community members should the ShapeShift DAO offer stipends to?

If you voted Yes, to what level should the ShapeShift DAO offer them a stipend?

Polls inserted check it out!

Thanks for starting this discussion

I could hear arguments for both sides. On one hand, we’re in a bear market with limited runway and sponsoring conferences is not an essential to our survival. On the other hand, ETH conferences are a great way for us to connect with users, partners, and other key stakeholders, and with so many foxes in or around Denver, sponsoring ETHDenver makes a lot of sense.

I support whatever the community wants to do here. If we do sponsor, I would suggest we go with the cheapest option that gets us a booth; I’m confident we can secure speaking slots without having to pay for them.

If we don’t sponsor, I would hope we could still have a meaningful presence and could potentially put the funds we save towards other initiatives, such as a side event and/or swag.

Regardless of whether we sponsor, I would support stipends for 5-10 to community members to attend like we did last year. I plan to be there no matter what :partying_face: hope to see all of y’all there too

Awesome, added those questions on the stipend. Looking to move this to incubation based on Feedback by Friday afternoon.

I also think we should at minimum do the cheapest one where we could get a booth as to right now, and do some promo materials.

If you think that we can get speaking opportunities regardless, would make sense to do that.

I think it is worth doing at least the 15k and getting a booth. Past that I am unsure how much we should spend on other various expenses of the conference. I think we would know more as we get closer on things like stipend, people needed for booth (as some workstreams may just send people too if we have a booth), if we should throw an event like last year, etc.

For now it seems the prudent/most time sensitive thing would be to just vote on the amount needed for a booth/sponsorship and follow up on some of these other details and items as we get closer to the event next year.

I think having separate proposals is probably right, I am going to move the paying for the event portion to a full proposal here.