[Ideation] Renew vFOX Committee for another 6-month term

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discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-zsozg2.pngRenew vFOX Committee for another 6-month term

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This proposal is a continuation of SCP-69 1, which created a new sub-DAO called “vFOX” dedicated to making strategic allocations from the DAO’s treasury into early-stage tokenized projects. Specifically, this outlines a six-month extension of the current vFOX Committee, which consists of JonisJon, willyfox, and Kent.


In the current bear market, making strategic allocations is not top of mind. However, these types of market environments are arguably ideal for doing just that; valuations tend to drop with crypto prices, and the pool of entities that can direct funds towards early-stage projects shrinks substantially. Thus, those entities that can still make allocations may find themselves with a.) superior access to b.) more deals, offering c.) better terms.

This proposal positions vFOX to develop new opportunities in the coming months, extending its work thus far. To date, vFOX’s allocations consist of:

1.) 100,000 USDC and 17,500 FOX into Elastic Swap–a decentralized AMM protocol specifically built for rebasing tokens. Elastic Swap is used by ShapeShift’s FOXy (and soon, Yieldy) staking contracts in order to facilitate their rebasing mechanisms.

Date Completed: 4/29/22

vFOX Allocation: 15,000 TIC. (Current price: $4.46. Current value of holdings: $66,900)

2.) 50,000 USDC into an early-stage project in the crypto gaming space. (While the DAO’s–and vFOX’s–default modes are maximal transparency, this particular project has opted to remain in stealth mode while it prepares for launch.)

Date Completed: 7/29/22

vFOX Allocation: A pro-rata distribution that will be deposited into the sub-DAO treasury after the project launches its token.


This proposal would renew the existing vFOX Committee for another six-month term, beginning on the date of its approval via community governance. Specifically, a “yes” vote would stipulate that the DAO use its VFOX tokens to vote in favor of this extension.

The three Committee members consider themselves to be highly effective at working with one another, and share a diverse mix of perspectives on strategic allocations and risk management. Combined, they have a deep range of expertise around a wide range of crypto verticals (scaling, DEXes and AMM’s, gaming, NFT’s, etc.) that is useful when assessing potential allocations.


A continuation of the current committee would allow vFOX to expand on its work thus far, and position it to develop new opportunities over the next six months. Although the sub-DAO needs to be extremely selective about allocating from the DAO’s limited stablecoin holdings, even relatively small allocations in the current market environment could lead to substantial gains for the DAO in the future. Additionally, vFOX also has the ability to allocate from the DAO’s more extensive FOX holdings.


The community may believe that other DAO contributors are a better fit for the vFOX committee. In this case, it may determine that some members–or all members–should be replaced.

It could also be argued that the DAO should not be allocating any of its limited stablecoin reserves into early-stage projects. A “NO” vote would effectively halt vFOX’s ability to make future allocations unless another Committee was approved.


YES: The DAO will use its VFOX to vote in favor of renewing the current vFOX Committee of JonisJon, willyfox, and Kent for another six-month period, beginning on the day this proposal is approved.

NO: Do not renew the Committee as described above.