[Ideation / SCP-148] TMDC Revisions, Summer 2023


This proposal seeks two purposes in regard to the Treasury Management and Diversification Committee:

@jonisjon is stepping off the committee. Assign @0xFBL as the 5th member of the committee

Modify the compensation of committee members from the current 4000 FOX per month to $1,250 worth of FOX per month.


@0xFBL garnered the most votes in the incubation post here: https://forum.shapeshift.com/thread/45397

The compensation of 4000 FOX per month was requested and approved in February, 2022. This proposal would increase that compensation to $1,250 worth of FOX per month, per committee member. Note that Kent is a voting member and does not take compensation. Should FBL become a TMDC member, he will also waive his compensation for being on the committee.


With @Jonisjon leaving the committee, we need to maintain 5 committee members.

  • In February 2022, when 4000 FOX was set as the compensation amount, FOX was trading around $0.29, which is more than 10x from where it is today. The following time expectation exists for committee members:
  • 2 30-minute TMDC meetings a week (which frequently run long)
  • 1 60-minute Tokenomics meeting per week
  • Ad-hoc time as needed for research, proposal creation, and partner discussions
  • This brings the total time to 8-12 hours per month. 4000 FOX is not commensurate compensation for that time commitment.


    The passage of this proposal will ensure we have five voting members on the TMDC and will increase committee member compensation so it is commensurate with the time expectation to serve on the committee.


    This will come at a cost to the DAO of $3,750 worth of FOX per month, with two of the proposed members receiving compensation from a workstream and opting to waive this committee compensation. Therefore, this compensation will only be paid out to three of the committee members.