[Ideation] SCP-171 New TMDC/DFC Committee Members (Adding CJTheCryptoKid & PTT)


This proposal seeks to add two members to the Treasury Management and Diversification Committee (TMDC) or newly renamed DAO Finance Committee (DFC):

The TMDC is currently at 4 members, with @joshuaf stepping off the committee shortly. This post would assign @CJTheCryptoKid as the 4th member of the committee and @PTT as the 5th member of the committee

The compensation for these committee members is constant at $1,250 worth of FOX per month.So this would have a net impact of +$1,250 worth of FOX per month (from $2,500 worth of FOX new comp- $1,250 worth of FOX old comp not longer paid to @JoshuaF)


CJTheCryptoKid has interviewed by the TMDC in TMDC meetings and been unanimously recommended via a vote for this position by the TMDC.

CJTheCryptoKid has spent the last 15 years working tradfi between insurance (2 years) and retail banking (13 years). In his time in tradfi, he has held many positions, including sales, management, consumer lending, and underwriting. In the last 8 months, he has made a transition into cybersecurity with a focus on fraud within retail banking. CJ has been a community member here at Shapeshift for approximately 2 years and has contributed to governance, including the success proposal that led to shielded voting.

PTT was also interviewed by the TMDC in TMDC meetings and has been unanimously recommended via a vote for this position by the TMDC.

PTT has been a Shapeshift DAO member for years, involved in various aspects of the DAO and has been a pivotal part of the product and tokenomics workstreams as of late. PTT has an accountant’s mind and eye, with great attention to detail. PTT is a known entity around the Shapeshift DAO discord and forums and needs little further introduction/description. PTT has been excelling recently in learning data analysis, specifically SQL queries and visualizations/dashboards with flipside and dune, among other programs and studios.


With @JosuaF leaving the committee and we’re at 4 members currently, we need to replenish our membership and get back to 5 committee members.


The passage of this proposal will ensure we have five voting members on the TMDC.


+$1,250 USD worth of fox spent by the DAO monthly.


  • For: Voting in favor of this proposal indicates support for the addition of PTT & CJTheCryptoKid on the TMDC/DFC
  • Against: Voting against this proposal signifies opposition to the changes.
  • For with Changes: Voting “For with Changes” expresses conditional support for the proposal, suggesting that certain amendments or clarifications are necessary before full endorsement can be given. This option is for those who agree with the proposal’s direction but seek modifications to address specific concerns or enhance its implementation. Please make your comments/concerns known in the comments below! Thank you!

I’d throw my hat in the ring if you want another member.

congratz CJ and ptt for passing ideation.