[Incubation] Migrating Forum and Ideation to Metaforo

Gm foxes!

I invite you all to join me in a momentous initiative: migrating our forum and our ideation process to a new, web3-native platform called Metaforo.

Why Metaforo?

1. It’s web3 native

Users can sign in with their wallet, our SnapShot proposals live right next to our forum posts (and ideation 1f389), and they offer cool features such as NFT pfps & badges, layer-2 FOX tipping, token-gated polling, and more.

2. Parity with Discourse

Metaforo has most of the features that Discourse offers. If you do notice anything missing, there’s a good chance they’ll build it if you ask. Further, their team can migrate all of our existing content from Discourse to Metaforo when we’re ready to make the switch, and you can link your Discourse account and history (instructions below)

2. Ideation is BACK!

Some of you may recall the early days in the DAO’s history when the ideation phase of the governance process took place on https://boardroom.io. These were happy times, in which voting power on ideation polls was based on FOX voting power (calculated with SnapShot) and our ideation process was sybil resistant. Unfortunately, Boardroom’s ideation feature broke and the feature was “temporarily” disabled with the promise that it would soon return. Almost 12 months passed while we waited patiently, yet ideation never returned. Recently, our workaround of moving Ideation to the forum began experiencing sybil attacks, and proposed migrating ideation to SnapShot to preserve our governance process. While moving ideation to SnapShot solves our sybil resistance problem, it comes with tradeoffs in the user experience for both ideation and official voting and fragments the discussion. Knowing that we were already considering migrating our forum to Metaforo, we asked their team to build ideation for us, and they delivered a perfect ideation experience in about one week. Now we can have our entire governance process, from incubation through official voting, unified in a beautiful, decentralized platform.

4. It’s decentralized

Migrating to Metaforo ensures our forum is truly unstoppable and is another step forward in our progressive decentralization.

And this is just what they’ve built in their first few months! Their entire roadmap is focused on building the best forum for decentralized communities, and they’re eager to hear our feedback on what to build next.

This is where you come in anon 1f447

  • What do you like about Discourse that Metaforo doesn’t offer yet?

  • What do you not like about Discourse?
  • If you were designing the perfect platform for communities to coordinate, what features would you build?

For each of these feature requests, please comment whether you consider these requirements before you would support the DAO migrating/redirecting our forum to Metaforo.

Please share any feedback on this forum post and/or in this Discord thread which the Metaforo team is monitoring.

I’ve created this same incubation post and polls on our Metaforo testing environment. Please explore this test environment thoroughly; push all the buttons, twist all the knobs, and by all means break things. All of the content from the test environment will be cleared out before we go live, so all posts are fair game (as long as they don’t violate the Code of Conduct 1f609

  1. ).


    To create an ideation post, create a new topic, add a poll, and select ‘Calculate voting power with SnapShot’

To connect your Discourse history to your Metaforo account, sign up on the test Metaforo

  1. with the same email that you use for Discourse, and connect your wallet afterwards (soon you’ll be able to connect either wallet or email first, but for now do email first)
  2. Here are a couple of features I would like to see, but don’t consider blockers for launch.

    Recent topics - this is one of my fav features of Discourse and makes it easier to engage in the forum and find active discussions. I think a right-justified sidebar could be added that included the most recent posts.


  1. Support for Gnosis Safes (including the ShapeShift DAO) to be Metaforo admins

KeepKey support would be a nice to have, but will be handled when Wallet Connect part 2 is completed in

  1. app.shapeshift.com
  2. Custom themes so we can brand Metaforo with our colors
  3. Support for Gnosis Chain and Polyon (both for token gated polls and for FOX tip deposits)

Further, if you think we should stick with Discourse for now or consider another solution, please voice your opinion. No decisions have been made yet and all options are on the table.

Wdyt, shall we migrate?

Thanks for putting this together I’ve looked through the testing environment, it looks really good! Love that we can have everything in one platform, seems like a much more organized, unified way of having our governance.

I agree that having “Recent Topics/Recent Discussions” somewhere at the very top/front page would be useful, maybe where “DAO News Room” is. This should include all recent discussions including proposal discussions.

I fully support this 1f642

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