Moderation Workstream Renewal July - Dec 2024

2024 Jul-Dec Moderation Workstream Renewal


The Community Moderation Workstream is primarily responsible to support the community and to maintain the integrity of all ShapeShift various platforms such as Discord, The Forum, and Notion, snapshot, and any/all others. Future platforms that the community chooses to implement also to be included. This workstream is used daily to ensure the smooth operation of the ShapeShift DAO.

This proposal is to renew the Moderation Workstream, re-elect Giantkin as leader and fund the workstream through the end of Jun 2024.

Total Ask is $11600/month. (unchanged)

Normal USDC monthly is $6410 (depending on Fox choice, April 202 $5820 for example) some of which is for licenses/botspends that stay in ws treasury, and if unused per term, set aside as possible (small)bounty item, roll over to next Term (stays in Moderation subtreasury until dissolved, bountied, or too large - then revert to Treasury.


During the proposal run, if at any time Moderation lead needs to leave (or be asked to leave)

the Leaders group can force vote out the Moderation lead (or put leader on hold). No other method. (voluntary step down, and hand off being ideal)

  • Temp position given to other mod members, number 2 first would be put in ‘charge’ until lead returns, or a new lead is voted in.
  • Hiring/firing is solely based on the Moderation leads decision. Based on discussions, Total amount for proposal will be listed, without breakdown, in proposal, but in other places instead.


Moderation supports all workstreams and all users within each of the platforms it moderates. As we bring more members into the various platforms, moderators act as so much more than bot managers and spam blockers. Not only do the moderators set up the verification process, they are the point of contact for members having issues with the verification process. They function as the greeters of the DAO, if you will. Our team of moderators clears the path for new members, new contributors and new supporters by facilitating a fluid user experience. Enthusiastic about all things defi and crypto, empowering community members, new and old alike, on their journey to self-empowered entrepreneurism.


The mission of this workstream is simple: to help people. Moderation is the workstream you never knew you needed, but couldn’t live without. From welcoming new users to setting up calls to managing bots. Moderation is here to support the community. This workstream strives to create a space that fosters security, growth and innovation.

Our team of trustworthy, confident and enthusiastic moderators allows for decentralization of community moderation. This may address the point of preventing accusations of vested interest, since only community elected mods have the power to preserve and maintain the DAO culture.

As the workstream leader, I want to make the user feel like they are able to relax. Users are most likely talking from their home space, home usually means they feel safe. I want to keep that feeling in our group.


Moderators take on wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Organize user flow via roles, channels and bots
  • Create and maintain scheduled events in sesh & Discord
  • Provide protection from scammers
  • Warn abusers (strike system established by Giantkin)
  • Providing basic Discord support
  • Facilitating ‘temps’ for a job, for example, providing the DJ with a role for the event
  • Help maintain and update server images such as avatars, stickers, emojis, etc. (Emptyslot)
  • Provide security support (live when possible) for meetings and community events
  • Drive users to the proper channels
  • Continually monitoring channels, and other server banlists for potential spam/scammers and adding them into our banlist
  • Taking part in Support/Ops triage process by shuttling members requesting support to the proper channels, connecting with self help resources, #support,chatwoot, etc as appropriate
  • Appropriate use of Admin Power by Moderation Workstream Leader
  • Work with Admins to facilitate bots/webhooks/roles/channels/categories -servers/platforms etc
  • Enforce the Current Code of Conduct to the best of ability, with positive intent.

What are the goals of this workstream?

  • Provide 12 hour moderation coverage to ShapeShift DAO’s community channels, with the eventual goal to provide 24 hour coverage
  • Proactively ban 90% of scammers/bots that try to sneak into ShapeShift discord
  • Ensure that all community meetings are scheduled on the calendar
  • The Moderation Workstream is successful when you don’t notice that it’s there.

During the Jul - Dec 2023 term, the Moderation Workstream has accomplished the following:

  • Sustainability updates to server roles and channels
  • Few problems known.
  • Tested, added removed tools reporting bots (boardroom vs snapshot for example)
  • Gated bot installs with higher perms than needed.
  • installed tested Galxe,zealy, and guild bot setups.
  • setup missions for all 3bots above. galxe-giuld bot have interconnected missions (see global)
  • overwatched forum setup, and growth.
  • watched 14,000+ users in discord!
  • Added Websupport, for Support use and testing. (removed websupport for rethink)
  • Setup Discord ‘Forum’ threads for Stage Events and other meetings. (works great!)

Other items not included but taken on

  • Monthly Foxpayout for contributors: maintain and update sheet monthly. Facilitate payout for WS and other groups, as needed/requested : remind WSleaders to update contributors Choice(s), and update their tab. Work with Willy to get things done as timely as possible. -update the fox price on a set schedule/method.
  • Praise steward. push for others to use. (slow process!)
  • audio record primary meetings - office hours
  • Jump into our partners Discords to help setup a basic security process, to help protect our users there.
  • Colony overseer


  • Keeps the discord clear of spammers
  • Limits the Scammers on server


  • Growing member list, growing expense.

(trying for a new …posting process. (basic title to include dfc/ideation/snapvote)
with any links.

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I support this proposal, I’m very satisfied of the services provided to the DAO by this Workstream! Thanks to all its contributors.

I know this was already in the past Moderation WS proposals, but until now I’ve never bothered to ask… why is this needed? :sweat_smile:

If for whatever reason FOX holders want to somehow stop this Workstream (doubt it would ever as it is very useful, it’s just an hypothetical), or change its structure, or add/remove tasks, they wouldn’t be able to until the next Workstream renewal? The statement seems broad and not really matching the spirit of open governance where anyone can make proposals to change the course of any Workstream if they have skin in the game… and if FOX holder support that proposal.

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ah tbh forgot it was there. was more about other Proposals that affect things, that might not be in good spirit to affect this one.
hm. didnt think about if THIS ws was to be changed on its own. ( not sure im wording that right ) …

other proposals that make global changes, not something that directly changed this one was the intent.
lol if that makes sense…
but ya. gotcha

Snapshot oops. i did this, but had to redo it. so forgot to repost! ideation in snapshot.

was going to delete, but just incase i did an extra word. see if it changes it correctly.
at least til other thoughts before i delete.

No worries, it can easily remain the same for Ideation and change in the Final Proposal if it needs to change. I was just curious and for once didn’t forget to ask about it :laughing:

Past experiences say this was never an obstacle/problem anyways, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

yup. dont know which way to go. kinda forget the context. lol thats why i want to wait a bit til i change it more. lol

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Full Proposal:

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If the vote was ever close, i would take that as a direction to remove me, and i would start planning accordingly.

IE: i would expect the next term to be my last, and work on replacing myself, and/or passing my varied duties to others as best as I could.

I should add that to the next proposal.

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Obviously it’s your proposal so you can add whatever you want, but I don’t personally think it’s necessary as the votes you get are as much for the proposal details/tasks than for the WS Leader mentioned in it. Close or not the majority FOX rule decides who has the confidence of FOX holders to function in the DAO (this includes the FOX that chose to not vote) :smiley:

tru. but i guess it would just be how i would plan my exit, (ie: thats a sign that public sentiment might be changing) ok. ill just keep it in my thoughts.

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Not sure i mentioned, i removed that line , thanks firebomb

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Sorry, I had missed your answer. Yeah I’ve noticed, thanks for the change :+1: