oneFOX quarterly review: Is this press statement is giving investor ques that FOX is only valued at $0.20?

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I’m referring to the initial press statement made on Ichi Medium blog post linked here.

In the TL;DR section it writes:

Initial minting ratio will be set to 80% ($0.80 USDC + $0.20 FOX to mint 1 $oneFOX)

Full disclaimer I do not own any oneFOX but love the idea if ShapeShift DAO decides to let oneFOX monopolize stable coin on the ShapeShift platform. It would be like traditional exchange charging fees to convert crypto to fiat currency.

But back to the main topic, initially when I read the press statement because 1 oneFOX = $1 then it would mean based on $0.80 USDC + $0.20 FOX we are devaluing 1 USDC to $0.80 and valuing 1 FOX to $0.20 which give oneFOX its $1 value. Admittedly I’m still not 100% sure how oneFOX retains value but looking at the reserve ratio 338% I guess the value will stand at least until its first year anniversary. But more importantly, is there anyone else who thinks that statement is valuing FOX at $0.20? Or is there a better way of explaining it?

But those are my initial understanding and thoughts, would anyone else like to share their initial thoughts and the relation to current FOX pricing?

BTW, I’m also am looking for an opinion on my proposal idea on whether or not ShapeShift DAO should have an Investor Relation Workstream, any suggestion for improvement is much appreciated, link is here. Thank you.

Hey - oneFOX is minted with 80% USDC and 20% FOX, the statement you are referring to does not assume any particular price for FOX. All it is stating is that 20 cents of FOX is used to mint one oneFOX.

Thank you for the input, so if oneFOX is minted with 80% USDC and 20% FOX should this statement makes more sense?

Initial minting ratio will be set to 80% USDC 20% FOX to mint 1 $oneFOX. Eg. If minting 100 $oneFOX then it would be $80 USDC and $20 FOX (x FOX x current market price of FOX = $20)

Personally, I think just having the current market price and an exaggerated market price example would suggest a higher price potential for FOX.

I dunno just my personal greed to watch FOX price grow to match other platforms’ valuation.