Proposal Template scp 98 (moving to snapshot for ideation doesnt specify)

2 Templates were drawn up. slighly diff wordage.

I never noticed. seems some have and were using it, and others didnt.

IE: yes, no and yes , with changes.


IE: yes/no

looking for clear cut answer on which we HAVE to do.

I dont like the Maybe option, think it just split votes.

(rewording to yes/change/no ) without being a yes or a no would be ok.

(the change being you want the proposal rewritten) but really a NO means the same thing.

nothing to stop someone from revoting the same proposal after revising. (or just reposting the same exact thing)

Also found this that was awhile back

I dont like wishy washy decisions. I can read too much into a YES (but change)

maybe yes, no, Discuss more would be better?

As I said in the other comment, SCP-60 clearly says “must” have three options for Ideation. As explained before, this provide some info to the author without having to restart the whole process due to a “No”. Up to them to amend their proposal, if they think it’s needed.

a yes, changes, or a no, would mean similar items. Proposal would be re ideated wouldnt it?

So starting over for both is the same.

I do see the items. just the one without.

Looks like the template just needs to be cleared up in the one post.

I’m not sure what you’re asking, if hypothetically there were 1 vote for yes, 1 for yes with changes and 1 for no, then it would pass to a final vote, as it’s 2 yes vs 1 no. That’s my understanding of these two options. Ultimately the changes (if they happened) will be voted on in the final vote.

Looks like the template just needs to be cleared up in the one post.

Yeah, the template should match what’s been voted on by the community for the Ideation process:

you didnt load up the other template? thats what im talking about.

it says differently.

Should be edited to be the same as the other post. (or clear it up in some way)

I did. As I said, the text the community voted on (not external links to a template) is on the screenshot. Any other template/forum post should match this, if they didn’t until now it was a mistake.

And looking at Snapshot most other Ideation proposals do have a third option for voting, there is no reason for the new Engineering one to not have it. The longer admins/author wait for restarting it with the proper options, the more people will have voted for nothing on it.

Just making sure you know there is another post. on forum thats wrong. exactly what im pointing out.

Discussed, a note/edit on that one post is forth coming :slight_smile:

FOX Governance Process main Proposal Template.