Proposal to integrate Osmosis and Gravity DEX

It would be awesome for ShapeShift to integrate both trading and LP functionality for both Osmosis and the Gravity DEX, there are not many interfaces that do yet and this would be a huge opportunity for ShapeShift to grab that market share.

This could be taken on by current ShapeShift developers in their off hours ahead of the full open-sourcing of the code.

I would propose a bounty of 100k FOX for integration of each (200k FOX total) that the DAO pays out to make this happen ASAP. Perhaps Osmosis/Atom holders would be willing to pay some OSMO and ATOM on top of that for the integration as well if we coordinated with them? Not needed but could maybe sweeten the pot/get it done faster. Interested to hear ideas/discussions on this.

I love Cosmos and I love this idea. Instant yes vote from me.

It will definitely help with providing users lower transaction fees to offset the high ones we see with ETH Dexs

Awesome, yea we would need to get a team together to work on this, would take a combination of engineering, product, and UX/UI design to make this all work together, I wonder if anyone wants to volunteer to make this happen? There are so few interfaces for cosmos DEXEs right now I think this could be a huge opportunity for pulling the cosmos community into ShapeShift.

Would it still be beneficial with just ATOMs support in the Platform and Mobile app. Do we need to include the additional token support as well to be valuable?

Good question, it would be far better with more IBC enabled tokens, I think the minimum worthwhile would be ATOM/OSMO to start - then a longer tail of worthwhile support from there. Honestly we should also include staking support for both ATOM and OSMO as part of this as well or it will be missing functionality other interfaces have and is important to let people help secure the network (and gain those staking rewards!)

Cool. I think ATOMs and OSMO is a good place to start. Although, there could be a quicker path for ATOMS staking 1f609

True, we could wrap it all into one bounty but deliver it in milestones like:

(1) add support for ATOM staking

(2) add supports of OSMO blockchain and staking

(3) add support for Osmosis DEX (trading and LPing atom/osmo)

(4) add support for gravity DEX (trading and LPing atom/osmo)

Each milestone unlocks more FOX for whoever is working on (or could even have multiple teams working on different parts at the same time).

Then do an additional bounty and/or other milestones to add further assets/pairs/functionality so we can get the full benefit of these DEXes in ShapeShift. I am up for ideas on best way to approach just want that sweet cosmos/IBC functionality to work with ShapeShift!

So cool news on this one, I was chatting with the Osmosis community a little bit in their discord and they have expressed interest in perhaps matching whatever bounty we put on this proposal with an equivalent $ amount of OSMO from their community pool - so that could double up the bounty on this (e.g. if we propose 100k FOX they would match an equivalent amount of USD value in OSMO). It would still need to be pass their governance vote but they have expressed this interest!

Would love to get feedback from any possible current ShapeShift devs who may want to work on this project in their own time and then the community can decide the right FOX bounty to put on this work (my initial suggestion was 100k FOX but am open to further feedback on that). If we could get a signal of some dev support on this and some UI/UX/product support then I could move it to boardroom for the ideation phase to get this bounty voted on and going!

This is certainly going to be a team effort from ShapeShift engineering, but I’m absolutely up to work on this one.

  • I’d suggest removing the staking scope from this project.

    Recommend it be defined as:

    100k FOX for integration of Osmosis DEX and OSMO asset in ShapeShift web platform. Must include Trading and LPing ATOM/OSMO.

  • 100k FOX for integration of Gravity DEX in ShapeShift web platform. Must include Trading and LPing ATOM/OSMO.

(and I will support these two bounties should it come up for governance)

Hey guys, member of the osmo community here.

I’m really interested in seeing a ShapeShift x Osmo crossover. Whenever the fox members agree on what should be built, I’ll work on a proposal on Osmosis to onboard the community on this idea.

I like the idea of potentially splitting up the bounties for Osmosis DEX and Gravity DEX implementation, but I don’t think we should remove staking. At the point we have done the work to integrate those assets we should be able to get staking support in too and I think that is important functionality wise otherwise it will be a bit feature incomplete.

I also think each bounty should cover work for both web and mobile not just web but that could be broken out into milestones within each bounty, they don’t have to be both delivered at once.

If anyone is interested in helping discuss this with the osmosis team and the forming of their part of the bounty they have setup a telegram to discuss here: Telegram: Contact @OsmoShapeshift

Awesome thank you for your support on this ! Look forward to the ShapeShift DAO and Osmosis working together on this!

  • Please excuse me as I have no clue how to DAO, but I want to contribute. I’m in product and thought I’d recap some of the above in user story/acceptance criteria format…

    Integrate ShapeShift with Osmosis DEX

    As a ShapeShift user, I want to be able to use the Osmosis DEX so that I can trade assets between blockchains.

    There are limited solutions for this on the market, providing an opportunity to grab a large user base / market share.


    While on ShapeShift Web, I want to be able to trade IBC enabled tokens using the Osmosis DEX

  • While on ShapeShift Web, I want to be able to add liquidity to Osmosis
  • While trading on the Osmosis DEX through ShapeShift Web, I want to earn FOX tokens
  • While trading on the Osmosis DEX through ShapeShift Web, I want to see my trading history
  • When on the Assets tab of ShapeShift Web, I want to see my IBC enabled tokens
  • When on the Dashboard tab of ShapeShift Web, I want to see my IBC enabled tokens in the “Your Portfolio” section
  • Staking

    Stake ATOM

  • Stake OSMO
  • Open questions for further grooming:

    What value would this provide to the user?

  • In using this integration, what job is the user trying to complete?
  • What would make this successful? How will we measure success?
  • trading volume metrics?
  • What assumptions are being made in this proposal?
  • What can we do to reduce uncertainty/verify assumptions?
  • What is our hypothesis?
  • We believe that ShapeShift users have a desire to trade IBC enabled tokens in a safe and decentralized way (ShapeShift way) and if we build an integration with Osmosis they will trade resulting in further usage of decentralized tools via more accessible solutions
  • This is a really great addition to this conversation. I love this


    I’m into this topic overall - but I REALLY appreciate the additional thought!

    This is awesome - thank you for adding these further details, I agree with all of this and it helps start a clearer spec of what we would be looking for from this work. Maybe you even want to help head up the product aspect of whatever team(s) start working on this project once it has been voted on?

    You should also totally look into expressing interest/joining the product workstream, we could definitely use more people with product experience helping there: [Workstream] Product

    Hey all, I’m a member of the osmosis/ion community. I just learned about the potential shapeshift/osmosis crossover. This has caused some excitement from our community. How can we help make this a reality?

    Hey everyone. I saw this thread as a supporter of OSMO and this seems like an amazing opportunity for both sides.

    I see a lot of excitement from the Osmosis community from this. I know for sure that I would vote ‘Yes’ if there was a proposal to match the bounty to get this done. I’d vote yes for a bit more osmo bounty if Ion-osmo pairing was included too 1f642

    If there is anything needed from the osmosis community to help get this moving, it seems like there are a lot of helping hands. Just say the word.

    Very interested in this

    Awesome - are you saying you would be interested in potentially helping on the engineering effort for this?