Proposal to Re-elect Diggy as Product & Creative Services Workstream Leader


This proposal is to be re-elected as Product & Creative Services Workstream leader through the end of June 2022. It’s definitely been a fun and challenging role so far — as there’s been a lot to work through and processes to figure out, but together with all the talented individuals on the Workstream, I feel that we’re off to a really good start. I’d like to continue in the role provided the community agrees. For those who don’t yet know about me, please feel free to take a look at my original proposal which outlines my background and my original motivation for applying to the role.

Unlike centralized companies, there is no formal review process established in the DAO. However, I am very open to — and would appreciate feedback, so please let me know where I can improve, and what’s working or not working. You can use this form, or provide feedback below in the comment section.

My main goal is to make sure we execute and uphold the vision of the DAO; build out amazing new features and products that bring in revenue; and do so as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the user experience. Over the next few months we have a lot of new features that we’re planning to prepare and launch on the product side. Check out the roadmap here. In addition, a huge goal (and something we’ve already been tackling) is to ramp up on the number of bounties to the community, allowing us to increase the pace at which we’re shipping new features. Here is a list of the immediate features that we’re preparing on the product side, many of which are being prepared as bounties.


To view the Workstream Leader job description, it is posted here


One drawback is that it has definitely been a challenge to juggle the leadership responsibilities with UX responsibilities. However, I’ve been recently making an effort to block out “heads down” time on my calendar where I specifically focus on UX for projects in flight. Also, we are looking to hire a UX developer, to help us out with UX and front end.

Another drawback could be that I’m not as technical from a development perspective as some of the others on the Workstream. However, I look to them for guidance, expertise and support in that regard and do my best to learn quickly, and not be a blocker.


For: to re-elect Diggy as Product Workstream Leader through the end of June 2022

Against: to do nothing

You’ve been a fantastic Workstream leader and I couldn’t support re election more! Diggy 2022!

Glad to see this proposal, you have my support to continue as the product workstream leader !

Viva la product!

1f4af You have my support! You’ve been doing a great job and we all appreciate you very much! Couldn’t do it without you!

100%. Let’s go Diggy. 1f642