[SCP-34] Proposal: Elect Diggy as Product Workstream leader for 4 months [Official Ideation Thread]

Hello Foxes! Thank you for reviewing this proposal! Please post your comments, questions and feedback below.

Motivation - With CAO stepping down as temporary Product Workstream Leader, the opportunity for Product Workstream Leader has opened. After a lot of thought and discussion with WillyFox, the Product Workstream contributors and members of other Workstreams, I have decided to step into consideration for this role. I was the Senior UX Manager on the Product Team with centralized ShapeShift for two and a half years, and previously was Director of UX at different organizations for over 7 years.

The success of the DAO and the ShapeShift products are our ultimate goals, and I believe the experience I bring to the table is critical, especially in these early months where so much is changing and evolving. I have many years of experience leading; contributing to and designing innovative, successful products; working collaboratively with engineering and other teams; and fostering a culture of user-focused product design.

In the DAO I think it’s important that the Workstream Leader understands the products we’re building, the needs at hand, and helps ensure that the right resources and talent are coordinated to create these fantastic products (currently in our roadmap and others that arise!).

By taking on this role, I would still be spearheading the UX for our products. However, I’ve spoken with Beard, and we feel that he will be able to dive in and help take on more of the UX responsibilities so that we divide and conquer on the UX front. We would also likely need to find additional UX resources to help out on a bounty basis.

Specification - WillyFox, CAO and I have written a JD for Product Workstream Leader that can be found here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

I also think that as this is a new role, and given that we’re a DAO, this role would likely shift and evolve over time and as new needs arise. I am proposing to step into this role for 4 months to start with, through the end February 2022. During this time, the Workstream can be built out and its successes evaluated. I will do my best to ensure its success.

No funding is required for this proposal.

Drawbacks — None that I can think of. With Beard stepping up to help out more on UX, and the Workstream recruiting some additional design help on an as needed basis, and bringing on one or more Product Managers, we should be set up for DAO success!

Vote —

For: to elect Diggy as Product Workstream Leader for 4 months

Against: to do nothing