Redesign Of The ShapeShift Help Desk - Proposal Discussion

  1. Summary - The current Zendesk Help Desk landing page is in need of a redesign. I’m requesting $3000 in FOX to be paid out to the web designer who is up for the task. Customizing/editing the website requires being proficient in CSS. We estimate this could take about 1-2 weeks of work. We would like to reserve time to make 1-2 rounds of edits before making it live.

Abstract - The current help desk theme was last updated in July of 2019. With ShapeShift transitioning to a DAO and in the spirit of embracing change, it’s time to update our look, mainly to improve the user experience. Along with the visuals changing, the URL will also be switched from to or

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  2. Motivation - Our help desk articles receive 7k views every week (6 month average). It’s important that it looks professional, beautiful, and is easy to navigate.

Specification - The designer will be given Zendesk login credentials which allows for editing to be done via Zendesk’s workbench. We are able to preview new themes before making the changes live. Here is Zendesk’s resource on customizing themes: (Customizing your help center theme – Zendesk help). I’m estimating this will take a web designer 5 days (one work week) to complete which is equal to $600 per day (in FOX). Along with the redesign, the help desk URL will be changed from to

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[Current Help Desk]

New design mock-up below. The design/template itself will be simple, but requires more branding and some additional imagery for the category thumbnails, etc.

  1. Benefits - ShapeShift has strong branding and great product marketing. Updating the look/feel of our helpdesk will help us stay on par with having beautiful designs.

  2. Drawbacks - NA
  3. Vote - A vote “Yes” is to allow $3000 in FOX to be paid out to the web designer.

A vote “No” is to deny the funding and project.

We have been waiting SOOOO long to get a branded helpdesk page and I’m excited to offer this work to the community. It’s a killer payout for the right person who wants to make it beautiful.

Our helpdesk gets a respectable amount of hits each week as it’s our #1 resource for “How-To’s” for customers. Mogie does a great job at keeping it up to date and we’ll be leaning on it more and more in the coming months.

This has my strong support!

$3000 FOX to customize the helpdesk and make it beautiful/match our style seems like a no-brainer. I fully support this. Also love that you are including updating the URL in this, that may even help with SEO and boost the number of visitors.

Thanks for putting this together !

Thanks willy! Just realized I mentioned the changing of the URL twice, whoops. Personally I prefer

It’s great to see this proposal and you guys making sure users have a great, use friendly experience. In full support 1f642

Thanks, Mogie, for this proposal. I missed this post earlier today!

I am in support of this as well!

Hi , I want to apply to redesign the page!