Regarding analytics - Customer Support

  • Hello all!

    I know there was a divided discussion recently on analytics, mostly surrounding user behavior. I wanted to offer a bit more insight on what will be available through the customer support workstream in the future and find out how you want the data we will be collecting and processing delivered.

    Don’t get too scared when I say “data”. Customer emails must be collected to work with customers via Zendesk, but we use a redaction app when customers slip and send us too much information (PII, private keys ((yes this happens)), etc).

    We will however be collecting data to assist with the product roadmap like:

    bugs reported, how many users reported

  • topics that require support and how many tickets issued based on topic (topics will be broken down by products and features)
  • unhappy users and their feedback
  • retention attempts
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

and then reports around our agents’ performances to help shed light on the job we are doing. We have always run a customized QA program with our agents, but I understand as how the DAO works now, having a more 3rd party QA system would be the MOST transparent, but if we can continue doing the QA ourselves with our agents I can promise we’ll deliver reports weekly of their performance and any stand out interactions with customers. All of the data we collect on agent performance will also be available to the public.

…which brings me to my next point. How do you want the customer data delivered? And how do you want the agent performance data delivered? What kind of cadence? Is there any other information you’d like us to share weekly? Monthly?

I’d like to propose the following to get the conversation started:

Weekly: Via and at the DAO Sprint on Mondays we will share general performance (total support work (tickets), response times, outstanding issues/bugs)

Monthly: Via with a report to review and perhaps a Support Community Call where we can go over the report in more detail for those curious we can dive into more details about why customers are reaching out, where friction points are, what is making people happy, and a deeper look at our agents’ performances.

I’d love to hear of any other KPI’s you’d be interested in seeing. Being that we’ll be the touch point for almost all users who need assistance, there is a wealth of information we want to make sure is passed on to the creators and builders.

  • Hi Megan,

    Your idea and proposal on analytics is great and very important. I personally agree with the weekly and monthly updates as you propose and would like to add the following (in addition to the points you mention):

    How each issue is to be resolved (maybe this could be done in the monthly call as the Sprint is more of an overview)

  • What tools would be used to resolve negative customer feedback
  • What will be done for retention of customers specifically (such as the Fox’ed up plan you mentioned)
  • As a new FOX, the first thing I did was check ShapeShift reviews on TrustPilot and other review websites. I believe in this day and age around 90% of global consumers use online reviews as part of their online buying journey and most people consider positive reviews as one of their top purchase influences. At the moment, ShapeShift reviews on TrustPilot are rated as ‘poor’ with only two stars. I believe this could very much deter people from using the platform and becoming part of the community.

    Perhaps one way this could be solved is by answering those reviews on the actual review website. It could well be that some customers are simply lacking knowledge/experience in using the platform and maybe they need to be pointed in the right direction, which would consequently change their outlook. In addition, other customers who are considering using ShapeShift would see that this DAO takes customer service seriously and prioritises in getting issues resolved.

    Another tool which I think would be very useful for customer retention and in general great customer support is the live chat tool. I think this would be a great tool for when customers need immediate assistance or have a burning question. Today most people would prefer to use live chats as opposed to email/call. Why? It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t cost the user anything. Most importantly, the website visitor will likely get an answer instantly. I am not sure if this is something that has been discussed already or there is resource for but live chats generally speaking, also tend to decrease the chances of a visitor leaving your site and increase the chances of converting instead.

    In summary, what I am trying to convey is that the data which will be collected is super important but I hope we can also propose resolutions for those issues such as I outlined above as examples.

    Additionally, some other KPI’s to be considered could be as follows:

    Average resolution time

  • Customer retention rate
  • Customer satisfaction rate (i.e. for live chat if implemented and for e-mail)
  • First response time (i.e. for live chat one minute and for e-mail support from 4-24 hours)
  • Number of acquired reviews (i.e. ask satisfied customers for a quick review, provide links to relevant review websites, perhaps even offer some Fox in return)

Please let me know what you think. I am pretty new in the fox community, but just thought I’d share my thoughts.

Many thanks!


Hi there,

thanks for this awesome feedback. The Trust Pilot page you are referring to is the old page - here’s the new one, ShapeShift Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of but nonetheless we do have it in our proposal to work on these reviews. I think it’s a great idea to report on these monthly.

We have had live chat in the past, but are steering away from it at the moment, with the intent on making it available again soon. Essentially the complexity of issues with the why people reach out make it so training for live chat is very difficult. Once we complete our revision of training materials and the product roadmap for the decentralized shapeshift are in the works, we’ll consider opening this up again.

In the meantime, users can get live help using the Discord chat if it’s ever pressing. We found that having the ticket queue and responding within an hour there makes expectation way more doable and it requires less staff. Ideally, I’d like to get a chat bot running in the coming year if we can secure funding from the DAO.

These are all fantastic thoughts and suggestions. I’m going to speak with our Data Manager and have him add the “Reviews” into his reports. the rest, I believe will all be included!


Thank you for your response and for pointing me in the right direction, didn’t know there was a new review page, I’ll have a read through it.

All sounds good to me and I can’t wait to see this unfold as we progress. Customer Support is such an integral part of ShapeShift and seems like you’re doing an amazing job.

All the best!