[SCP-131] Thorchain fees vs [SCP-128] Opt-out donations

Two proposals related to the DAO’s fee model have both passed the ideation phase. The FOX Governance Process (https://forum.shapeshift.com/thread/fox-governance-process-40188) instructs that in the event that conflicting proposals pass Ideation, “a formal proposal will be put forward including all options available to move forward with that received majority support in Ideation.” This is the official governance proposal which will determine which of the two conflicting proposals be ratified.

The original ideation vote for Thorchain fee’s didn’t have an SCP number, and will be further reffered to as SCP 131

Voters can choose to approve SCP-131, SCP-128, or neither.

SCP 131 - Added fees for Thorchain swaps: https://snapshot.org/#/shapeshiftdao.eth/proposal/0x7fb8b3e9a4d3840be7e29e9761555284a74bc867c5d2c70540ef9e0cd1b33b6f


SCP 128 - Enable opt-out donations instead of fees: https://snapshot.org/#/shapeshiftdao.eth/proposal/0x3382a4363b21fec3a992b1edb9c5caa78391e265121c248c6d81d305ef246f3e