[SCP-133] Addendum to SCP 119

PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION This proposal is an Addendum to [SCP-119] and is in response to the announcement of @Diggy stepping down from the role of Product Workstream Leader and moving on from the DAO. The goal of this addendum is to maintain stability, velocity and success in the Product Workstream through the currently approved timeline and provide support, structure and accountability until a full-time Product Leader can be identified, proposed, and voted in.

Summary: In accordance with SCP-119, the Product Workstream has had their budget approved through June 15th. With @Diggy stepping down before the end of that timeline, this proposal nominates @Tyler | ShapeShift to become the interim workstream leader of the Product Workstream until a new leader is found as well as promotes @PTT from his roles in both Operations and Product to the new full time role in the Product Workstream under the new title ‘Project Manager & Product Analyst’.

Motivation: With @Diggy moving on before the end of the current Product Workstream Proposal, there are areas of responsibility that will be left open to fill in: admin, meeting leading and organization, task management, KPI and project tracking/reporting, among other countless Workstream Leader responsibilities. Tyler has proven capable of supporting workstreams outside of Operations in [SCP-99] in stepping into an Interim Workstream Leader role with the Marketing Workstream until another Workstream leader was identified and proposed. This proposal provides temporary assurance of stability and continued success in the goals outlined through the length of [SCP-119] and maintains the structure of the Workstream for the remaining contributors and greater DAO until a proper future Workstream Leader is established.

Finding a replacement for the interim leader will be a top priority, and a committee or group of advisors can be formed to help field candidates, hold interviews, and find a new full-time Workstream Leader. Having til June 15 to find the right future workstream leader can provide more assurances to the DAO that we have adequate time to find the perfect fit. If a new Workstream Leader is not selected by the end of the new proposed term limit, a new proposal will be required for renewal of the stream and Interim Workstream Leader.

Specification This proposal addendum identifies Tyler | ShapeShift as the new Interim Product Workstream Leader. Tyler will assume all Workstream Leader responsibilities as outlined in [SCP-92] for the Product Workstream while continuing his obligations as the Operations Workstream leader, splitting focus and time. No additional compensation is requested.

Under this proposal, Tyler will communicate and advise actively with the current Product Workstream Contributors and provide support and guidance in:

Arranging phase 2 strategy talks, and getting the Phase 2 roadmap proposal posted to the forum and moved through governance. Workstream contributor payments made through Colony Organizing and running the Monday afternoon roadmap and timeline meeting and coordinating with product and engineering throughout the week to remove blockers, assist with product related decisions and keep things moving through the feature development process and Product/Engineering status updates throughout the week. Product/Engineering representation at the Weekly Ops Sprint. Draft product specs, review with Beard regarding designs, and continuing the iterative process to prepare a feature for development Hosting and Leading Spec breakdowns between Product and Engineering. Scheduling the Osmosis retro and when to prioritize the next phase Leading and continuing all scheduled team syncs and 1-on-1s. Hoff, who’s currently on retainer to make updates to shapeshift.com on an as needed basis will temporarily report in to Beard on a weekly basis to review needs, design work, etc

Additionally under this proposal, @PTT will be moving his focuses and DAO responsibilities to be more aligned with a promotion and title change to a full time Product Workstream contributor with the new title, Project Manager & Product Analyst.

Under his new title and role, @PTT will find new and more detailed responsibilities in:

Continuing to track results from Phase 1 strategy data and build forecasts based on specific ShapeShift user data to inform future features and integrations. Tracking and reporting on Workstream goals and KPIs. Collaborating with Beard on getting data from Mix Panel and helping present during Product Office Hours and AllFox meetings. Assist with the creation and completion of Product specs. Maintain the Partnership flow and assist with the ShapeShift DAO Grant Committee. Adhoc Product related requests from other DAO Workstreams.

Operations lost an additional member of the current Operations Workstream at the end of March with @WesleyGraves leaving his contributor role. There is a strong acknowledgement that Tyler’s interim position and @PTT’s new full time role are only made possible by the remaining Operations Workstream contributors, @Tshifty and @MBMaria stepping up to take on new delegated tasks and responsibilities. As there are 2 Operations Assistant roles being absorbed in the remaining Operations Workstream, @Tshifty and @MBMaria will both be receiving a promotion from Operations Assistant to Operations Coordinator.

This proposal expedites a search for a new Product Workstream leader to be identified and integrated, and upon transition, Tyler will wind down interim responsibilities and resume full focus back to the Operations Workstream.

Budget Both the Product and Operations Workstreams will see decreases in their monthly spend if this proposal passes.

The currently passed Product Budget has a monthly spend of: $28,245 in USDC $8,587 in FOX $36,832 Total

The new Product Budget would be: $22,081.92 in USDC $5,500 in FOX $27,581.92 Total

This is a decrease in Monthly Product USDC spend by $5,413.08, and a decrease in total Monthly Product spend by $9,250.08.

The currently passed Operations Budget has a monthly spend of: $32,425.00 in USDC $11,325.00 in FOX $43,750.00 Total

The new Operations Budget would be: $26,500.00 in USDC $8,000.00 in FOX $34,500.00 Total

This is a decrease in Monthly Operations USDC spend by $5,925, and a decrease in total Monthly Operations spend by $9,250.

The total decrease in monthly USDC spend for this proposal would be $11,338.08, and the decrease in total monthly spend between the two workstreams would be: $18,500.08

Benefits: This proposal keeps an interim leader at the helm of the Product Workstream that has the full backing and support from this workstream with a proven track record for management and overseeing complicated and complex processes. This also provides support and provides additional time to find the right Product person to fulfill the role.

Drawbacks Tyler | ShapeShift will be operating as a Workstream Leader for two workstreams for a limited amount of time