[SCP-151] Amendment to SCP-92: Definition of a Workstream Leader


This proposal adds two points of clarification to SCP-92: Definition of a Workstream Leader.


In pursuit of its mission, the ShapeShift community has delegated authority and resources to Workstream Leaders. The benefit of this framework is that it enables workstreams to move and build quickly without burdening themselves or the governance process with minutiae. The risk is that workstreams could use the powers granted to them to move in a direction that either hasn’t been approved by the community, or worse, has been explicitly disapproved.


The motivation of this proposal is to clarify the boundaries of workstream leaders’ authority, making it clear that workstream leaders do not have the authority to override past community governance without passing a superceding proposal, nor do they have any powers not explicitly granted to them via governance.


If this proposal passes, the following sentence will be added to the Single Workstream Leader section of SCP-92: Definition of a Workstream Leader"

“Workstream leaders do not have the ability to make decisions that have explicitly been disapproved by governance unless the disapproval was explicitly superseded in a subsequent proposal.”

To guide any workstream leaders or community members who wish to pass a superseding proposal on any matter in the future, the following section will be added to the FOX Governance process:

Superseding Proposals

In order to supersede a past decision made by governance, the superseding proposal must explicitly state the name, the SCP#, and the portions of the proposal it supersedes.

Example: “This proposal supersedes [SCP-ABC] in its entirety.” or “This proposal supersedes the budget section in [SCP-XYZ] and replaces it with the following”

If passed, this amendment will apply to all past and future proposals until it’s explicitly superseded.


  1. Clarify the boundaries of workstream leaders’ authority
  2. Ensure that ShapeShift community governance continues to be the highest level of authority


  1. If community members and/or workstream leaders change their mind about a decision, they need to pass a superseding proposal before effectuating the decision