SCP-152: Extend ShapeShift DAO with EIP-4824

  • Posting on behalf of amanwithwings (Aman, DAOstar)


    This proposal, if passed, will set ShapeShift DAO up for adopting EIP-4824, a metadata standard for DAOs. Adopting EIP-4824 involves deploying a registration contract to hold the DAO’s daoURI. NO changes to ShapeShift protocol’s governance or existing smart contracts, NO transfer of funds are involved with this proposal.

    The EIP-4824 standard has already been embraced by the likes of Snapshot, Aragon, Optimism, etc.


    The EIP-4824 standard defines common interfaces for DAOs via daoURI, akin to tokenURI for NFTs. This proposal will extend ShapeShift DAO to EIP-4824 by deploying a new registration contract through a contract interaction with the EIP-4824 factory maintained by DAOstar.


    The absence of a global DAO interface has held back the ecosystem for a long time. New DAOs, DAO frameworks have zero visibility on aggregators, most tooling providers have a hard time integrating with different DAO architectures, there is no comprehensive, self-maintaining registry for DAO data, etc. EIP-4824 aims to solve these issues by providing a method for DAOs to self-publish information irrespective of their architecture or the chain they exist on.

    Adopting EIP-4824 will enrich the on-chain information availability of ShapeShift DAO’s governance contracts, making it easier for existing and future DAO tools to seamlessly interact with the contracts. A specific example is enabling members to interact with the governance contracts through different front-end interfaces, potentially across multiple chains. Some of the tools that are digesting or committed to digesting this enriched information include Snapshot, Tally, Etherscan, DeepDAO, and other members of DAOstar One.

    EIP-4824 has gained traction with industry leaders such as Snapshot (in Snapshot X), Aragon V3, Moloch V3, DAODAO, and Aave.

  • We are proud to announce that we recently secured a $100k grant from Optimism to promote EIP-4824 adoption among DAOs.
  • Importantly, adopting this standard does not necessitate any fund transfers from ShapeShift or alterations to its current smart contracts. It simply involves deploying a registration contract to store ShapeShift's daoURI.

DAOstar ( is a non-profit that builds standards and public infrastructure for DAOs. We are supported by the Ethereum Foundation, Gnosis, Optimism Collective, The Graph, Aragon and other members of DAOstar One ( Both Snapshot and Boardroom, that ShapeShift DAO uses in its governance, along with 80+ key organizations in the DAO ecosystem, are active members of the DAOstar One Roundtable.


The EIP-4824 registration factory is located at 0x37df3fc47c1c3a2acafd2dad9c1c00090a8655bc. If this proposal passes, to upgrade to EIP-4824, execute the following call to this contract:

Call EIP4824RegistrationSummoner.summonRegistration(salt, daoURI, manager, contracts, data)

New clones are deployed to predictable addresses using the message sender and a bytes32 value combined as a salt.

Transaction data

salt = 0x42

daoURI =

manager = contracts = data =

Based on earlier discussions in the ShapeShift Forum and Discord, there was rough community consensus on not setting a manager while registering. Due to this, the manager address is intentionally left blank. The DAO may add a manager for maintaining its daoURI in the future, as it sees fit. , fields are for publishing extra data and they are left blank for now. The daoURI suggested above points to both Shapeshift’s website and governance doc, providing comprehensive information about the DAO.

The daoURI suggested above is stored on IPFS. Its subURIs- membersURI & proposalsURI, are dynamic. We currently use the Snapshot API to query proposals and the Boardroom API to query for members. This data is not being stored anywhere.

For future reference, the DAO may use the register functionality on the DAOstar website to create a new daoURI: It outputs a daoURI in this format:, in which is the IPFS CID of the daoURI.


Adopting EIP-4824 would greatly improve discoverability and interoperability for Shapeshift DAO. For example, consider the DAO’s multisig. Etherscan currently would not be displaying any info about the DAO which owns that multisig. Using EIP-4824, an indexor like Etherscan would be able to access ShapeShift DAO’s metadata and enrich its profile. After speaking with countless DAO tooling providers, many of whom are DAOstar members (there are 50+ DAO Tooling providers in the DAOstar Round Table), the existence of such a standard would greatly improve the ecosystem.

Access to infrastructure that is being built on top EIP-4824. For example, Gitcoin is building a grant management standard; Karma, Tally, Uniswap, etc. are building an on-chain delegate registry, etc. Adopting the standard would mean access to all these important pieces of infrastructure and more that’ll come up.


Gas costs required to call the registration factory.


For: adopt EIP-4824

Against: do not adopt EIP-4824