[SCP-27] Proposed Roadmap through December 2021


This is a proposal for the roadmap for the ShapeShift product until December 2021. The roadmap includes plans to continue open sourcing code as well as adding new features; it defines where the works is to be done; and how it will be completed (inside or outside the workstream).


Below is a screenshot of the top items we would like to focus on. A more complete roadmap can be found here


Fairdrop: this is complete and is being announced today! This was voted on by the community and includes additional DeFi communities in the airdrop.

Send and Receive (ETH): this has been completed in the open source version and will bring the open source web app up to parity with beta.shapeshift.com. Send and receive will work for other blockchains when they are added. I have it marked as 70% complete since it is not yet available to users.

Second round of FOX farming: this was voted on and passed by the community. It extends fox farming in the uniswap v2 pool.

Adding MetaMask to HD wallet: this will allow users to connect their MetaMask wallet to the open source version. One of our big requests is to have additional wallet support, especially for MetaMask, so this will accomplish at least part of this request.

Yearn: This will allow users to deposit into Yearn vaults. ShapeShift will be part of the Yearn partner program that will generate revenue for the DAO.

Bitcoin Blockchain Unchained & Bitcoin Blockchain Chain Adapters: this is the second blockchain being added so that we can cross chain support and so that the open source version is closer to parity with beta.shapeshift.com.

Post airdrop screens: this is a small lift that tells users the airdrop has ended and points users to FOX farming.

Display DeFi positions: This will show users all their DeFi positions when they connect their wallet.

.com updates & adding new pages: this is to updates shapeshift.com.

Adding swapper into lib: this is code we have for beta.shapeshift.com and by open sourcing it, it will be easier for anyone to add a swapping protocol.

Tendermint Blockchains: this is architecture for Tendermint blockchains so that each one can be easily added.

Osmosis Trading, Staking on Osmo, LP Cosmo/Osmo, KeepKey Osmo support: This was a proposal by ss-danielle that was passed by the community. The team has begun working on this.

OpenSea Milestone 1: graymachine has taken on writing the specs for this. This will include an affiliate link so that the DAO can generate revenue.

Staking on Cosmos: Once staking on osmo has been complete, this will be very similar and will give users another option to earn yield on their crypto.

Wallet SDK: This is the long term plan to support multiple wallets and have cross chain support.

Add liquifier to lib: This is code that needs to be open sourced so that anyone can more easily add different protocols to earn yield.

0x Trading Mainnet: this is a feature that is in beta.shapeshift.com and will bring the open source version closer to parity with beta.shapeshift.com.

THORChain Blockchain Unchained & Chain Adapters: This adds THORChain to the open source version bringing to close to parity with beta.shapeshift.com.

THORChain swapping: this is currently in beta.shapeshift.com, and by adding it, we will bring the open source version to parity with beta.shapeshift.com

Other EVM chains: this adds additional EVM chains via unchain and chain adapters.

0x Trading on other EVM chains: this will allow users to trade on additional chains besides ETH mainnet.


  • This lays out a plan for the development of the product. It allows everyone to be aligned with goals and why features are being added when. By passing the roadmap (or one that is very similar), the community will be able to contribute more easily and other protocols will be able to integrate into our platform and the DAO will be able to generate revenue.

    A couple of edits from the previous post:

    MetaMask added to HD wallet is new. This is to allow more users to access the platform and pave a way for users to use Yearn.

  • Yearn has been moved up so that the DAO can start earning revenue sooner and users have an additional option to earn yield.
  • Display DeFi positions has been moved up. This should be an easy add and then users no longer need to use spreadsheets to track their positions.
  • Add liquifier to lib has been moved down because it is not needed to implement Yearn.


This roadmap sets the stage so that the DAO can start earning revenue and will allow anyone else to be able to work within the ShapeShift ecosystem.


There is a lot on the medium term roadmap and there is some needed architecture that needs to be added so that features can be added easily and quickly. However, I believe by going this route, we will build momentum and community members will be able to work with the code easily and other protocols will be motivated to partner with ShapeShift.


For: a vote for this means you support the priority and plan of the roadmap

Against: a vote means you do not support this roadmap or support a different priority of work.

Definitely for this current roadmap and love seeing the transparency and engagement with the community on this, thanks for posting this !

One question: There is no reason something can’t change from how it is assigned as things move forward and we get more info right? E.g. if something assigned to a workstream is found to be better of as a bounty there is no reason that can’t be switched up at a later time?

Great question! Absolutely things can change. Those are the best guesses right now as to how they will be worked on, but if it makes more sense to have it worked on as a bounty, then we will make that adjustment and review in product office hours!

Sounds great, thanks for that clarification , this proposal has my full support to move forward!

I support this and voted “yes”. Thanks