[SCP-45] Add Coordinape to ShapeShift

This proposal integrates Coordinape into ShapeShift. Its implementation will be determined by each workstream leader.

Coordinapeis a bottom up payment system in which people are paid based on how their team feels about their contributions.
Each payment period has a budget and a team of contributors. At the end of the payment period (usually monthly) the contributors have a set amount of GIVE tokens that they give to the team members they believe deserve it the most. Give tokens that are received are exchanged for a corresponding amount of the budget. A simple example would be a contributor with 10% of the total GIVE tokens and 10,000 FOX in the budget, then at the end of the payment period they receive 1000 FOX. Coordinape records and aggregates who is giving to who and what they are working on, which provides a lot of information that can be used to make the DAO more efficient.

With the creation of DAOs, there is no limit to the freedom we have in how we incentivize contributors. One gap we have in our current system is that payment is routed through workstream leaders, which is top down. Adding a bottom up payment system in addition to the current one gives us more flexibility in how we organize ourselves to get tasks done. While Coordinape may not be ideal for all workstreams, having it as an option will certainly benefit the DAO as a whole.
To get workstreams started using this without constraining their budgets immediately, I request 100K FOX to create a Coordinape fund that will be divided relative to the budget size of each workstreams. E.g. if a workstream’s budget is 10% of all workstreams, then they get 10% of this fund.
Provides a bottom up way to pay contributors
The community gets a lot of information about what contributors are doing and the value they bring the DAO.
Requires some time and energy to set up and adds additional complexity to our payment systems.
Coordinape is paid by donations, so whatever we agree to give them is a cost on our treasury.
If this proposal passes, I request 2000 FOX as compensation for setting it up.
  1. For:

    Shapeshift officially supports Coordinape

  2. 100K FOX fund is made to help get is started.
  3. I get compensated 2000 FOX if the proposal passes.

Against: nothing changes.