[SCP-89] Ideation Proposal to Renew Moderation July - End of Dec 2022

2022 July-Dec Moderation

Workstream Renewal


The Community Moderation Workstream is primarily responsible to support the

community and to maintain the integrity of all ShapeShift various platforms such as

Discord, The Forum, Boardroom and Notion. Future platforms that the community

chooses to implement may also be included. This workstream is used daily to ensure

the smooth operation of the ShapeShift DAO.

This proposal is to renew the Moderation Workstream, re-elect Giantkin as leader and

fund the workstream through the end of December 2022.


Moderation supports all workstreams and all users within each of the platforms it

moderates. As we bring more members into the various platforms, moderators act as so

much more than bot managers and spam blockers. Not only do the moderators set up

the verification process, they are the point of contact for members having issues with

the verification process. They function as the greeters of the DAO, if you will. Our team

of moderators clears the path for new members, new contributors and new supporters

by facilitating a fluid user experience. Enthusiastic about all things defi and crypto,

empowering community members, new and old alike, on their journey to selfempowered entrepreneurism.


The mission of this workstream is simple: to help people. Moderation is the workstream

you never knew you needed, but couldn’t live without. From welcoming new users to

setting up Zoom calls to managing bots. Moderation is here to support the community.

This workstream strives to create a space that fosters security, growth and innovation.

Our team of trustworthy, confident and enthusiastic moderators allows for

decentralization of community moderation. This may address the point of preventing

accusations of vested interest, since only community elected mods have the power to

preserve and maintain the DAO culture.

As the workstream leader, I want to make the user feel like they are able to relax. Users

are most likely talking from their home space, home usually means they feel safe. I want

to keep that feeling in our group.


Moderators take on wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

Organize user flow via roles, channels and bots

Create and maintain scheduled events in sesh & Discord

Provide protection from scammers

Warn abusers (strike system established by Giantkin)

Providing Discord support

Facilitating ‘temps’ for a job, for example, providing the DJ with a role for the event

Help maintain and update server images such as avatars, stickers, emojis, etc.


Provide moderation support (live when possible) for meetings and community


Drive users to the proper channels

Continually monitoring channels, and other server banlists for potential

spam/scammers and adding them into our banlist

Taking part in Support/Ops triage process by shuttling members requesting support

to the proper channels, connecting with self help resources, #support, Zendesk, etc

as appropriate

Appropriate use of Admin Switch by Community Moderation Workstream Leader

What are the goals of this workstream? What metrics can this workstream’s

success be measured against?

Provide 12 hour moderation coverage to ShapeShift DAO’s community channels,

with the eventual goal to provide 24 hour coverage

—I like to Under Promise, and Over Deliver. I think i can stand by my actions so far to date.

Proactively ban 90% of scammers/bots that try to sneak into ShapeShift discord

Ensure that all community meetings are scheduled on the calendar

The Moderation Workstream is successful when you don’t notice that it’s there.

During the Jan - June 2022 term, the Moderation Workstream has accomplished the


Stopped 21 raids (at the time of this posting)

Banned 1841+ bots (at the time of this posting)

Assisted with Education with a new user flow

Sustainability updates to server roles and channels

Updates to Role Selector

Created embeds to improve readability


Keeps the discord clear of spammers

Limits the Scammers on server


Growing member list, growing expense.

Funding: Previous was 11700 - 10600 Rough avg of $11k (usdc value)

$11000 total. $5k GK, $3.5k Pzy, $1.5k Shadow. $100 Bot (50/50 current/future) , $500 locked for Pzy. $400 locked for Shadow. (lock time tbd? 6-12months?)

(above is given in USDC. however, any choice available for Fox payout, is not considered. I plan on 50% for this entire Term. (i should be ok to do that (opolis))

I support this. Props to the Moderation WS for their current work and may they continue to deliver the great service they do to our community. We all enjoy a clean organized space, free of spam and scams for productive discussions thanks to them.

Shouldn’t the finalized budget you’ve mentioned in the previous discussion be included for this vote?

Oops. thanks for the catch, i thought it was! ill fix.

initially, based on the current response, this would go forward to Snapshot/boardroom on July 3 without changes.

GK for Prez


Thanks GK and all of the mods squad for keeping this moving forward!

ShapeShift DAO has the best Discord in the industry - hands-down. GK and the Mod Squad do an amazing job of nurturing and fostering this environment, as well as keeping out the inevitable trolls. Additionally, GK is one of the beating hearts of the DAO–a steady presence, always helpful, and unfailingly kind. Him and the mod squad are a huge asset to the community, and I fully support this Q3/Q4 proposal to keep it going.

Snapshot post- Snapshot