[SCP-91] Proposal to consolidate current Marketing, Growth & Globalization Workstream V2 [Ideation]


This proposal aims to reorganize the Marketing & Growth workstream and create the separation of Globalization & LatAm (proposal to come from ) while reducing the workstream budget. The primary change is transferring leadership of Marketing & Growth from ( ) & ( ) over to (). will be interim workstream leader until September 1st. During this time Growth and Marketing Workstream will utilize this proposal to readjust and lower its budget in accordance with the DAO’s general initiative to cut costs during poor market conditions and maximize resiliency.


This proposal will cover the change of hands for leadership of the Marketing & Growth Workstream. will be leaving as a workstream leader, and will be assuming the interim role of leadership until September 1st, at which time (or before) a new Marketing & Growth workstream leader will be appointed.

The proposal will also include the separation of LatAm/Globalization, who will be creating their own proposal at a later date establishing them as their own workstream potentially led by . The Marketing & Growth Workstream will include an extra month of budget for the globalization team (August 2022) if their workstream fails to be established by September 1, 2022, at which point the separation of this team will still occur.

I, , & will be stepping down as the workstream’s current leader and handing the role of Workstream Leader to . Going forward, I will be reducing my role to interim Marketing PM for 1 month to assist her in leadership transition, but the ability to remain on is at the discretion of the new Workstream Leader . will be moved over to a role on the Globalization team which will be up to the future workstream’s discretion going forward.

Budget and goals will also be changing on the Marketing & Growth Workstream. Reduction of budget and staff have been made to account for the current market condition and to extend the runway for the DAO. Here is a link to the New M&G Budget, which will be a reduction down to a total of $54,355 in a blend of USDC & FOX Tokens with the potential of $87,605 for August. The budget will comprise $30,205 of USDC per month (considerably below the ask of ($60K USDC per month) and $24,150 worth of FOX Tokens per month. This budget also contains a tab for 1 month coverage of the Globalization & LatAm team if it were not to establish itself as a new workstream by the end of the month, which contains $9,375 of USDC and $23,875 worth of FOX.

New goals/ KPIs will be shared with the community within a 30-day window publicly to the community via forum by the new workstream leader (). Budget control will also become a responsibility of the new workstream leader to be altered but not increased (without a new proposal) at their discretion.

These changes would take effect 5 days after passing (no later than Aug 1, 2022) & remain in effect for the remaining term of the current Marketing & Growth Workstream (Nov 1, 2022) and at the discretion of the new proposed leaders and the community to renew at that time.


The goal of these changes is to establish a new singular Workstream Leader that can run Marketing & Growth on a far more conservative budget with a focused team.

Globalization & LatAm will be removed from the workstream to establish their own if they so choose while fulfilling the objective above to reduce overall budgetary spend for Marketing & Growth as well as a team size reduction. The community at large will be in a better position to judge the ongoing merits of smaller teams.


  • Reduction in Marketing & Growth from $126,300 to $54,355 (Potentially $33,250 extra for 1 month)

  • Decrease stable coin payouts with the new proposed budget (55% in FOX and 45% in USDC)
  • Singular leader instead of co-leads for greater accountability
  • Removal of the Globalization & LatAm team so they can proceed to create their own workstream.


The workstream will be going through a transitory stage likely with reduced output as the separation occurs into two workstreams. Smaller teams may mean tough choices in projects they can undertake.

Thank you

I am in favor of this, and recognize the difficulty and challenge of such a significant reorganization of this workstream. I greatly appreciate the degree to which budget has been reduced, and that there will be a singular leader now.

thank you for stepping up, you have my full support.