[SCP - TBD] ShapeShift Co-Sponsoring the Future of Blockchain University Hackathon

Co-sponsoring Encode Club’s Virtual Future of Blockchain University Hackathon


This proposal highlights ShapeShift’s potential co-sponsorship of Encode’s virtual Future of Blockchain University Hackathon (July 2023), fostering innovation and community engagement in the blockchain space. By supporting this event, ShapeShift will enjoy enhanced visibility, access to a broad audience of developers and users, and the opportunity to solidify its position as a key player in the decentralized and multi-chain ecosystem.


The proposal entails ShapeShift co-sponsoring Encode Club’s virtual Future of Blockchain University Hackathon. In return for their support, ShapeShift will be offered a Silver-tier package deal, which includes the ability to set 2 challenges and prizes for the hackathon, a 60-minute technical workshop, dedicated marketing from Encode, and dedicated speaking slots at the beginning and end of the hackathon.


Co-sponsoring Encode Club’s hackathon will provide ShapeShift with increased visibility and engagement within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, promoting the adoption of the platform among developers and users. By supporting the hackathon, ShapeShift can contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem, fostering innovation, and demonstrating its commitment to community-driven initiatives.


Upon the approval of this proposal, ShapeShift will provide $14,500 USD in sponsorship funds, with $8,500 allocated to cover the hackathon’s operational costs and $6,000 earmarked for cash prizes.

This sponsorship will grant ShapeShift a Silver-tier package deal, including:

  1. The ability to set 2 challenges and prizes for the hackathon
  2. A 60-minute technical workshop, allowing ShapeShift to showcase its platform, tools, and services
  3. Dedicated marketing and promotional efforts from Encode Club, including social media posts, newsletter mentions, and event-related announcements
  4. Speaking slots at the beginning and end of the hackathon, enabling ShapeShift representatives to address the participants, share insights, and build rapport with the community


  1. Increased brand visibility and recognition within the blockchain and developer communities
  2. Opportunity to engage with potential users and developers, driving adoption of the ShapeShift platform
  3. Strengthening ShapeShift's reputation as a community-driven, open-source platform dedicated to fostering innovation and growth within the blockchain ecosystem
  4. Establishing connections with the next generation of blockchain developers and enthusiasts


  1. Financial commitment to sponsor the event
  2. Potential resource allocation (time and personnel) to plan, manage, and execute the event-related tasks


For - Formalises the community’s support for ShapeShift co-sponsoring Encode Club’s Virtual Future of Blockchain University Hackathon, including providing $14,500 USD in sponsorship funds and receiving the Silver-tier package deal benefits.

Against - Formalises the community’s opposition to ShapeShift co-sponsoring the hackathon and providing the requested sponsorship funds.

During the ideation phase, community members can also choose to vote “For, with changes” to suggest modifications or adjustments to the proposal before moving to the official voting phase

would need to get a lot more details on this before I could consider supporting it.

Very happy to provide more details, please find our deck attached. Encode has a long track record of providing great hackathons, please check out our website here for more info.

Happy to do a call with you or the community to discuss :slight_smile: