Shapeshift’s Global Digital Finance (GDF) Team

  • This is a proposal to create a team from the Shapeshift DAO to represent Shapeshift Global Digital Finance, and to renew the existing Advisory Council membership with GDF. GDF is the leading global members association advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for digital assets. ShapeShift has been a valued Advisory Council member since 2019.

    Led by its members, GDF engages with regulators and policy makers to ensure that regulation is developed with the industry’s perspective in mind.

    This includes responding to public consultations, industry roundtables, and engaging regulators directly through the GDF Regulators Only Forum – which currently includes 30+ global regulators and policy makers.

    ShapeShift has, so far, been an integral part of GDF, whether engaging directly on regulatory consultations, or taking part in the GDF global conferences and summits

    As the decentralized community continues to develop at pace and regulatory attention increases, ensuring that regulators engage meaningfully with industry is paramount to protecting innovation in this space.

    We believe that ShapeShift’s continued involvement in GDF is vital, particularly as a recently decentralized exchange.

    GDF enables the digital and crypto asset community to have a voice in these discussions. We create the forums in which industry can create a unified voice for regulators. We do this through consultations, codes of conduct, working groups, events, our Regulators Only Forum.

    We have set up a DeFi Knowledge Series to directly answer the questions of participants of the Reg Only Forum. The DeFi Working Group is currently working on a report that looks at DeFi from the regulatory perspective.

    This is ShapeShift’s opportunity to be a voice in the development of regulation that is directly impacting the DAO. This includes engaging directly with FATF in their treatment of DeFi, or the evolving regulatory definitions of DeFi and a DAO. GDF takes a global, holistic, and tech-agnostic approach to engaging with policy and regulation.

    GDF is a member-led association. We are here to represent and take direction from the community. As part of the Advisory Council, ShapeShift will play a key role in developing GDF’s direction.

    Advisory Council membership renewal would cost $25,000 plus VAT.

    This would allow ShapeShift to:

    Take part in the code registration programme, shared with regulators and policy makers on a quarterly basis

  • Participate in, co-chair, and suggest new working groups
  • Attend member only events and industry roundtables
  • Attend monthly Advisory Council meetings to direct on the development of codes of conduct, member code registration programme, regulatory consultations, and policy recommendations for Global Digital Finance.

ShapeShift will join other decentralized entities such as UHDC and YieldApp, as well as other industry leaders including ConsenSys, Coinbase, R3, and BitMEX.

Full member benefits are available here

  • . Please note: other membership levels are available. ShapeShift may choose to be a Patron Member (seat on the Patron Board to influence the strategic direction of GDF, and lead GDF events), or a Working Member (entry-level membership).

    Current working groups include:


  • DeFi
  • Custody
  • Private Markets Digitization
  • Taxation
  • MiCA (Advisory Council and Patron-level only)
  • Stablecoins
  • Shared Market Surveillance

We would like to set up a team from the ShapeShift admins to decide if ShapeShift should renew its membership with GDF.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hi, before I could make an informed decision on this I’d love for you to set up an AMA with the ShapeShiftDAO.

Hi, would love to do this - can you offer some guidance as to how we can set this up? Many thanks

Hi you can join our discord here: ShapeShift

We have weekly governance calls that are held every Thursday at 3pm MST on the discord stage where we go over posts in the forum such as yours. If we need to breakout for more time on the topic, we usually can schedule a separate AMA call to go over the proposal and any questions in greater detail.

Alternatively we can have discourse here on the forum and go through the Ideation and proposal processes without discord, but it may not go over without support form the community.

We usually see more engagement with the community if you can join us in discord and typically support for a proposal like such would need more information provided and communicated which our discord AMA calls are designed to provide an arena for.

If you are able to join the discord, please identify yourself as the author of this post and we can connect you to the right people. We could even save a spot for you on the call today if you are available in time.

Looking forward to hearing more about this proposal.