ShapeShift at Satoshi Roundtable

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m heading back from the Satoshi Roundtable. I was here with ShapeShift’s cofounder, Jon, our CISO Michael, and CLO Veronica. The Roundtable is an annual gathering of a couple hundred crypto industry leaders. It’s largely a social event, with a number of talks and panels about the state of the industry and cryptocurrency’s development generally. It’s probably my favorite crypto event each year.

This year, ShapeShift’s decision to decentralize the entire company was one of the most thematic topics; many attendees were curious and excited about this. We held a panel discussion yesterday and it was perhaps the most attended panel outside of the keynote the prior day.

A few things are clear from that panel and all the casual conversations through the weekend.

First, the news has absolutely disseminated through the industry. Nearly everyone had heard about our plans. The story is resonating.

Second, people are very curious about decentralization as a path for established companies. They want to know what we’re doing specifically, how we’re doing it, and what lessons we can teach them. The concept of a “DAO” specifically is still pretty alien to most of them. A lot of defi folks are familiar with DAOs but they are still obscure to most industry leaders.

Third, the community of leaders at this event overwhelmingly supports the idea and is excited for ShapeShift, but also for what it means for other companies. Decentralization is seen as a positive move. I had at least 20-25 people come up to me individually and say “congratulations” or “we’re routing for you” or “this is amazing, I can’t wait to see how it goes.”

I left the resort this morning feeling a great deal of support and camaraderie. We are doing something which is bigger than ourselves at this point, and many people are watching excitedly.


Love hearing this feedback! The next 6 months are going to get very exciting! Looking forward to the community getting larger and seeing where this all goes! :nerd_face:

Thanks for posting this - I would just say I had very similar feelings coming out of this event.

The support from the community is strong for the ShapeShift DAO and people really want to learn from what we are doing and see this succeed. It’s on all of us to work to make this successful and show the world what decentralization can accomplish!

Feeling more excited and invigorated to build the future of decentralized ShapeShift with all of you than ever!

Thanks for the recap!

heck yes!!! Happy to have some support from leaders in the industry. Who is next to follow in our foot steps I wonder?