URGENT! Earthquake Relief QF Matching Pool on Giveth

Hi, Shapeshift community!

URGENT – Earthquake relief appeal needs your support!

Giveth is calling for URGENT contributions to the ‘Earthquake Relief QF Matching Pool’: organized by Giveth, Gitcoin, SuperModular and Inverter Network to support relief efforts in the aftermath of one of the worst earthquake disasters in Turkey and Syria.

The news last week was heart-breaking; and many in our wider web3 network have been impacted on a personal level. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of a ‘secondary disaster’ with major disruptions to communications, water, fuel and electricity supplies, compounded by freezing temperatures.

The Web3 community has acted quickly. Launched over the weekend, Giveth, Gitcoin, SuperModular and Inverter Network have put the wheels in motion for a Quadratic Funding round using Allo Protocol, the latest evolution of Gitcoin Grants. The fundraiser is hosted on the Giveth platform, and your donation will support relief organizations on the ground: meeting immediate needs for water, shelter and food.

Shapeshift, your support can make a huge difference!

We are appealing to you for an urgent contribution of $20,000 to be shared equally amongst relief organizations to help relieve suffering on the ground. The organizations are vetted, verified, connected and experienced so you know your donation will be going to the right place.

Giveth will subsidize every donation to this verified project.

DAOs often don’t pay taxes, which means no tax-deductible donations. So like Ethereum does with staking rewards, your generous contribution to this QF fundraiser will be rewarded with a bunch of $GIV tokens through our GIVbacks program. Investing in kindness can potentially pay off in good market conditions.

Donate here: Earthquake relief matching pool

We are also requesting your support to spread awareness of the cause, so we can maximise the amount raised and demonstrate the power and compassion of crypto fundraising in our web3 community.


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Love both of these orgs, and all of us in crypto need to do what we can to help all those in Turkey / Syria, and there is no better matching pool QF project out there. Well said @ClaraZi and hope this passes!

So important and impactful! I hope the Shapeshift community will pass this proposal and help with getting the funds to the projects on the ground in TR & SY raised_hands

I love Giveth and love how this pool is aiming to help earthquake victims. However, IMO the DAO is in no position to be engaged in charitable giving at the moment; we’re in the midst of a bear market and budgetary discipline is a paramount concern. Multiple contributors have been let go in recent months due to those budgetary concerns. How would it look, optically, if the community then turned around and started giving its stables away?

This charitable action, while noble in spirit, does nothing to advance the cause of the DAO. And unfortunately, in this market climate, that needs to be a litmus test for DAO spending.

As a pragmatic matter, the DAO’s governance process also precludes a more timely donation as this seems to suggest (thanks @TylerShapeShift for pointing this out in the governance call).

That said, perhaps there could be some promotion of this pool via the DAO’s twitter or other channels? Because it is a noble cause.

well said @seven7hwave, +1. i look forward to the day the DAO is in a batter position to support other charitable causes, and in the meantime encourage everyone who is able to contribute as an individual to do so. love the suggestion to at least help support by promoting this on twitter too :purple_heart: