"We FOX'ed Up!" Fund - discussion

Hello SS DAO!

I’m thinking of piecing together an addendum to our current passed proposal: Snapshot

After the V2 snafu last week, it occurred to me, there will still be instances where the customer will not have the experience they hoped for in the DAO and while all things decentralized are “Use at your own risk” - that is a shitty way to handle a bad customer experience.

I’d like to piece together a small proposal to add to our current one, asking for (initially) 5,000 FOX to use as “customer rentention funds”. The goal would be that my leadership team would each be given 1,000 FOX to hold in a separate account that is audited by me and use the FOX to retain customers if they’ve had a bad experience. This would be determined solely by the support leader on duty that shift.

Some examples may include: newbs who mess up and didn’t realize it, errors in our own system like the staking contract not loading correctly, etc.

If all goes well, we would mostly likely need a larger sum in the future for longer proposal period (6m vs. 4m). Any unused funds would be rolled over to the next proposal period.

I think if the support team was empowered to make some bad experiences right, it will go far for the customer and further confirm our approach as a caring company that wants to delight the user.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any better ideas or tools to leverage to make this work (note: TipCC is great but only for DIscord users) having FOX to give away will work across all support platforms.

Great idea to compensate the users that got unfortunate as this will also help to build trust. 1f4af

Sounds like a great idea. It seems easier than our traditional way of manually sending funds, and it will still be monitored so I don’t see any issues arising.

This is definitely a great idea! Even though it’s not as much as what they lost in fees, it would still compensate for something. And it will also leave a positive note for the support team and the whole ShapeShift DAO community.

Awesome idea! This will at least compensate users who are having ongoing issues with their crypto/account.

I support this and trust to use the funds wisely.

I am in favor of this as well!