Add support for new chain trading pairs [ADA, SOL, XLM,...] Ideation


There are many newish chains becoming more and more popular (as well as well as ETH layer-2 and side chains). To remain competitive with centralized exchanges I strongly think we should consider expanding our trading pair offerings with tokens such as ADA, SOL, XLM, MATIC, DYDX… (and probably more).

Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the proposal is that I don’t see too much of a reason to currently go to shapeshift over our competitors. The fact that we have the ability to go multichain is our competitive advantage, so I’m surprised to see we don’t have the most popular chains - unless I’m misunderstanding something about the cosmos/thorchain systems (which is highly likely 1f642

  1. ).

    Specification -

    In order to do this, from the best of my knowledge we would need to

    set up the AMMs on thorchain

  2. get liquidity onto the AMMs either through either a fee collection incentive program or fox rewards to liquidity providers
  3. Add the token pairs and corresponding contract addresses to the frontend

Benefits -

I think adding these pairs and mulitchain tokens, and making it very easy to trade between them could gain us a lot of popularity and bring shapeshift into the spotlight of decentralized exchanges

Drawbacks -

All of this will take time from dev team as well as liquidity away from other projects

Vote -

Yes - I we should add some or all of these tokens/chains

No - I think we should not bother adding any of these at this time