Shapeshift should add new coins

Shapeshift is one of the best safe and affordable trading platforms for crypto traders and investors. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cosmos coin trading are really useful. However, ShapeShift should add coins like HBAR, Bitgert, Cardano, and XML to this supported coins list.

I hope Shapeshift team will consider these coins along with other valuable coins with real-world use cases.

Chains have to be added to support tokens on those chains. As we get more and more chains, the various tokens can be added.

if you have leads on any grants to integrate the coins you listed, that could certainly move them up the priority list if we were to be able to receive funding for listing/supporting the chains!

Grants for engineering to do their jobs that FOX holders pay for @PTT? Interesting.

What has the engineering team accomplished in the last year exactly?