This would be the best place to have basic/random discussions, say hi! get to know each other!

@iwan hi! :slight_smile:

Hi there

I’m new in this forum, but I’m interested about ShapeShift

hi and welcome! This is a new forum for us, but you can learn alot by looking around the forum. if your into the GOV stuff, look for Proposal tab, theres Labels down on bottom left, or the catergories across the top.

and ofc you can just ask here, and ill try to point the gwei!

Hi, I came here to vote on things but they look like they’re all closed… where do I find open topics to vote on?




I’m working on a Bitcoin related banking project and would like to solicit feedback from the contributors of this forum. Is this the right place to do so?

https://snapshot.org/#/shapeshiftdao.eth however, there are no open proposals at the moment.

you can watch here too https://forum.shapeshift.com/snapshot

i got an email saying there was a reply but i don’t see the reply?

I need help creating a token that’s only purchasable through Bitcoin and tradable on exchanges. What direction can you point me in?